Welcome to Behind The Lens Maui, Maui's premiere wedding photography company. We want to start by congratulating you in what must be the most exciting and important days of your life.

Now it’s time to plan and prepare for your special day and finding the right vendors for you, as choosing the right vendor can make or break your special day. One of the most important vendors that you will need to choose is the right wedding photographer to capture this wonderful event as your photographs are to be cherished forever. If you are not familiar, Maui wedding photography can be tricky and that’s what sets Behind The Lens Maui apart. We understand the challenges of doing photography on an island such as Maui. We understand and thrive on overcoming challenges this island can throw at you, such as sunrises, sunsets, natural lighting and weather conditions. We also understand how to operate with shifting sands, changing of wind directions and other natural obstacles.

Nicole Sanchez, founder of Behind The Lens Maui, is well known for her Maui beach wedding photography, family portraits and event photography. She and her team understand how to deal with the Maui island elements ensuring you receive amazing professional wedding photographs, and often they invite those obstacles and use them to enhance your shots. Our attention to detail is paramount and you can be assured nothing will be overlooked.

Let’s face it, a wedding photographer’s purpose is to capture and preserve the moments, the smiles, the emotions, the surroundings and the spirit of the event. We want you to be able to reminisce and feel the magic all over again of how you felt on your special day when looking at our photos as the years go by.

We at Behind the Lens Maui Photography have been capturing priceless memories for couples and families since 2006 and we just love photographing special wedding moments for our couples to cherish for years to come. The images captured will surely impress you, your family and your friends.

Behind The Lens Maui also takes that same professionalism and thirst for photography, and applies it to family photography, such as portraits, engagements, anniversaries or perhaps a fun event while vacationing on Maui. In addition, Behind The Lens Maui also shoots corporate events and conventions.

Please visit our Galleries, Maui Wedding Gallery and Maui Portrait Gallery, to see the smiles and memories we were lucky enough to help preserve.

Contact us to find out more about our photography style and package pricing, or check out our Facebook page to see some of our latest photo shoots!