Maui Photography -West Side Maui photo shoot locations.

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West Side Locations Black Rock -Ka’anapali Ka’anapali beach at Black Rock is a gorgeous location that is extremely popular during the day with snorkelers and swimmers. The rock is almost completely encrusted in coral with a large assortment of fish and sea turtles, making the snorkeling experience unforgettable. Hawaiian legend states that the spirits of warriors left the earth to meet their ancestors by leaping from this rock, and a nightly ritual honoring this tradition is performed here.

 D.T Flemming Beach – Kapalua Adjacent to the Ritz~Carlton, Kapalua, this beach is popular with boogie-boarders and body-surfers during the day. Also, popular for picnics and sunbathing, this beach provides the best ambience for weddings in the early morning hours since the sun sets at the far right end of the beach.

Hyatt Regency Resort- This beautiful resort at the south end of Ka’anapali Beach offers several great amenities and attractions in a meticulously manicured setting. While we can use the beach here, or at any location free of charge, the private resort grounds here make a beautiful backdrop for your wedding pictures. With several waterfalls, ponds & streams, bridges, interesting architecture and beautiful tropical plants and trees, the Hyatt Regency is a popular choice for wedding couples looking for a more private ceremony.

 Ironwoods Beach – Oneloa Bay Officially known as Oneloa Bay, this beautiful stretch of beach is primarily visited by few vacation renters and property owners adjacent to this beach, and is typically less crowded than the nearby DT Flemming Beach and Kapalua Bay. The beach itself is accessed by a paved downhill path with several sets of stairs, making it ideal for smaller, more intimate ceremonies. Also, this beach faces North-East, so this site is typically not ideal for sunset weddings.

Ka’anapali Beach -One of the most popular and well-known beaches on Maui, Ka’anapali beach seems to stretch on forever. South of Black Rock, this beach is normally very crowded with patrons of the many fine resorts that line this beach. Just north of Black Rock, however, there are fewer resorts and the beach offers the same stunning views without quite the crowds. This beach is recommended for early morning and sunset ceremonies.

Lava Point- This unique lava rock formation in Kapalua stretches far and wide into the ocean, and the surface is unusually smooth given its exposure to the trade winds. Privacy is afforded by the several large bushes and trees on the coast line, while wide-open views and dramatic sea-cliffs make this location unforgettable for your wedding.