Photography, Maui and renting a car

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Maui Rental Cars – Things to think about

While visiting Maui you will definitely need to rent a car as, everything you’ll want to photograph will require driving. If your only going to be on Maui a few days, you may want to rent a rent a wreak. You’ll get better rates and your car will blend better than driving a tourist car. If you rent a wreak please, don’t leave your camera equipment in the car and out of your sight.

If driving in comfort and style to your shoot location is the way you want to go, It suggested you inquire about weekly rates on the rent a car. Sometimes you’ll find coupons in the local discount books for 20% off your rental car so, take the time to look and save.

Something to think about: All the rent a cars look alike and you may want to write your license plate number down and put it in your wallet. Another thing you can do so you don’t loose your car is tie a ribbon around the antenna.

When driving around Maui, look in your rear view mirror occasionally and if you are holding up traffic, show some “Aloha” and pull over to let others pass and the Locals will wave to you with two fingers instead of one.

There is crime in paradise, so don’t keep valuables in your car or trunk (there are trunk buttons inside the car). Don’t leave your wallet on the beach when you swim, and play it smart. Especially do not leave your cameras out of your sight.