Maui Photography- Shooting tips – “Crowds”

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Whether you’re on a crowded street, or trying to capture your daughter’s first performance in a packed auditorium your candid photos can be emotionally rich with a few tricks and some practice.

Choose your spot
Make sure you have a clean path to your subject, and look for an interesting background to shoot against.

Blend in
You want to be as invisible as possible when you’re taking photos in a crowd, which means being aware of your surroundings. If it’s an event, everyone’s probably trying to see the same thing, so be considerate of other people’s views and move locations if you’re blocking them.

Move against the crowd
For street photography, you want to be facing the crowd, so that they are looking back at you.

Focus on an element of the scene
Go in tight and fill the frame to focus on a face or a piece of the crowd for a dramatic shot.