Maui Photography Tips on Lighting

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The warm glow of the setting sun, the glare of high noon, the luminance on a cloudy day. You can turn ordinary pictures into exceptional ones by conveying the atmosphere, mood, and drama of the light.

Find the best lighting
Study the light on your subject and reposition yourself or your subject until you find the most flattering light.

Create a warm glow
Use the golden light and long shadows of early and late day to enhance pictures of landscapes, cityscapes, and people.

Avoid harsh shadows
Avoid harsh facial shadows by using the soft-lighting  of a cloudy day or a shady area. On sunny days, if your camera has several flash modes, select fill- flash. This will fire the flash even in bright sunlight. This “fills” the shadows on nearby subjects, creating more flattering portraits in direct sunlight. Check your camera’s manual.

Turn off your flash
For more effective lighting when you’re outside in dim light and your subject isn’t within flash- range  (more than about 10 feet away), turn off your flash and capture the scene in the exsisitng Light. Hold your camera extra steady or use a tripod, and be sure to use a high-speed film if you have a film camera.

Choose a versatile film
Use Kodak Max versatility or Kodak Max versatility plus film when you expect to take pictures both indoor and outdoors, because they are just what their name implies—versatile.

Use night flash
Night flash combines a slow shutter speed to capture the background scene with flash that illuminates a nearby subject. It’s especially good for taking a picture of a person with the sunset or city lights in the background.