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hey say a picture is worth a thousand Words.

So what message do your home photos say to your prospective buyers?

The importance of quality photographs can not be overstated when selling a home. Some surveys say that as many as 85% of prospective home buyers start their search online. Of the homes listed, those without photos are scarcely noticed and usually bypassed. Next to the Multiple Listing Service, the Internet is now the single most important part of the Internet and MLS marketing plan.

Hello, my name is Nicole Sanchez. I am the owner/ photographer of Behind The Lens Maui. As a photographer, one of my key strengths in the area of landscape and structural design. Location, landscaping, views and other amenities are accented in all exterior photography. Also, during the editing process, sidewalk and driveways cracks can be patched, bare spots in the lawn can be removed and gray skies turned to blue. In addition, my past includes time spent working in the home loan/mortgage industry and am a licensed Realtor in the state of California, thus giving me complete knowledge of the industry. Between my experience and your insight of how you want your home profiled, we can put a package together to accomplish your goal to sell the clients home!

Real Estate photography (interior and exterior): $75-$150
Exterior photos only: $35- $125
Virtual Tours: $65- $125
Package Deals: Interior/ Exterior/ Virtual Tours: $150-$350
(Prices range dependent on size of the property)

Receive all images, professionally edited, Raw and JPEG format as well as Web Ready on Disk
Imaged Burned to disk
Fast turn around time
Free Delivery