Photo sunrises- tips

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Ah, a stunning sky filled with reds and golds, pinks and purples. Here are some suggestions on how to take dazzling sunset pictures.

Place the horizon off-center
The picture will be more interesting if the horizon is not in the center of the picture. To include a lot of the colorful sky, place the horizon in the lower third of the frame.

Use night flash
Night flash combines a slow shutter speed to capture the background scene with flash that illuminates a nearby subject. It’s especially good for taking a picture of a person with the sunset or city lights in the background.

Include a silhouette
Your sunset pictures will be even better when you include a foreground object such as a tree or a person silhouetted against the colorful sky in the background. Use the ‘no flash” option on your camera, or it won’t be a silhouette.

Keep your lens clean
Dust particles, fingerprints, or other foreign matter can cause considerable lens flare when you include the sun in your pictures.

Share your pictures
Pictures double in value if you share them! Turn your photo story into a special wall or tabletop display. Create greeting cards and online albums. Have a favorite picture put onto a mug or T-shirt, and be ready to answer, “Who’s that?” or “Where was that taken?”