Photographing Children

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The first day of school is a big day not just for kids but for their parents too. It is an event you will surely want to remember. It’s also a good time to document the growth of your child so you can look back on their progress from kindergarten to college.Here are a few simple tips to help you capture your special memories.

Be prepared
When gathering books and bags the night before, add your camera so it is ready to go the next morning. Be sure to check that the battery is charged up too.
Talk to your child about your plan for picture taking. Let them know that you want a picture of them getting on the bus or on the school steps so they know what to expect.

Begin a photo tradition
Take pictures regularly so that you, your family, and friends can see how much your child has changed. Your child setting off for the first day of school each year is a great time to capture that moment.
Try to make each years’ picture as similar as possible so they are easy to compare. For example, position your child in the same spot and compose the picture the same each time.

Get down on their level
Instead of pointing the camera down on your kids, get down and snap the picture from their level. Expressions will look more natural and your flash photos will be more evenly lit from nose to toe.