Photographing Sports- Maui Sports Photography Tips

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Our lives teem with action and that’s part of who we are—whooshing down a water slide, diving for a soccer ball, even skipping along the sidewalk. Here are some tips on how to catch them in the action.

Be ready to shoot
Aim your camera at a spot where action is likely to occur. Have the viewfinder near your face and your finger poised over the shutter button so that you’ll be ready to take a picture as soon as the right moment presents itself.

Take lots of pictures
Action is one of the hardest things to capture in a picture, because the timing is so critical. Even the pros sometimes take dozens of shots to get one perfect picture.

Use the scene modes on your camera
Use the sport or action mode on your digital camera to capture a subject in action without blurring. If you are photographing with film, use a fast action film such as Kodak Ultra Max 800 film.

Pan your camera
For a creative effect, follow the action pan with your camera and press the shutter button while still moving the camera. Your subject will be sharp, but the background will blur indicating speed.

Get close
Find a good picture-taking spot that safely puts you close to the action yet reveals the essential action pose.

Zoom in
Use the zoom lens or an add-on tele-photo lens  for distant action scenes.