Hawaii Photos in Black and White

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With their timeless and classic look, black-and-white pictures appeal to many people. Let’s take a look at the many ways you can create your own black-and-white masterpieces. Below is a photograph taken in Maui, HI in at Specks off of Old Stable Rd. When you visit Maui, think about shooting your Hawaii photos in black and white.

stable rd tree

Photo taken by: Nicole @ Behindthelensmaui.com

all rights reserved

Use a Kodak picture maker to print your photos in black & white
This is the easiest way to get a black-and-white print, and you can make it from just about anything—a color or black-and-white negative, a color slide, a color or black-and-white print, or a digital file. Just choose “black-and-white” (or “sepia” for an old-time look) as the color format. It’s that easy! This is an excellent way to print an occasional black-and-white print.

Take digital pictures
Many digital cameras have a black-and-white or sepia mode. You can also turn any picture, whether you used your digital camera or scanned prints, into a black-and-white (gray scale) or antique-looking sepia with most picture editing software. You may be able to further customize your picture on the computer to make it more dramatic. Try adjusting the brightness and contrast settings, and see how it looks. Or try darkening a distracting background. Be sure to print your pictures on a photographic inkjet paper for rich, dark blacks and fine image detail.

Use a black & white film
Do you want to feel like a real black-and-white shooter? Try a whole roll of black-and-white film. One choice is Kodak black & white 400 film, a black-and-white film designed to be developed in and printed on the same processing chemicals and papers as color film. So your favorite photo store should be able to handle it, no questions asked.Another choice is Kodak Professional T-Max 400 film. Before using this film, check with your local photo stores to find one that processes and prints black-and-white film. Many traditional darkroom enthusiasts argue that “real” black-and-white films provide depth and character that isn’t otherwise possible.

Ask your local photofinisher to print your color film on black & white paper
Your local photofinisher may be equipped to make black-and-white prints from color negatives—ask. They could print your pictures on a special “chromogenic” photographic paper—one that uses color-paper technology and chemicals, but produces black-and-white pictures. There are also true black-and-white papers designed for printing from color negatives. Both methods provide excellent results.