Maui Photgraphy Tips- Family Portraits

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There are several approaches to photographing couples. As with all portraiture, you can pose the two people for a more-formal look. Or you can shoot a more-candid portrayal that will convey the strong relationship between them. For example, just watch through your viewfinder and click the shutter when you see a special look or gesture that passes between them. Whichever approach you choose, there are several steps you can take to increase your chances of taking successful couple portraits.

Careful Planning
You can improve your results by carefully planning your family photo shoot in advance.

Tip 1: Plan Your Photo Shoot In Advance
Spontaneity is usually a good thing, but you’ve got to do some planning before shooting portraits. The best location for photography, your subject’s clothing, what camera(s) to use, and how you want to pose your subjects are all decisions you must make in advance..

Tip 2: Shooting Posed Pictures
As opposed to shooting candidly where the subjects are nearly oblivious to the camera, it’s up to you to make some effort to arrange your subjects to create a dynamic composition.
Posed vs. Candid
Try shooting both candid images of your couple, as well as posed portraits with a more formal appearance.

Tip 3: Supplementary Light- A reflector is especially useful when you want to bounce light back into the shadow areas of your subject’s face. You may also want to experiment with fill flash for adding a little extra light. Again, however, be careful when lighting two people, as illumination on both faces should be even.

If you’re taking candid pictures of a couple, you’ll want to capture moments when your subjects are most involved with one another. Ideally, they should be relaxed and oblivious to the camera’s presence. The rapport between the two people can make it possible for you to photograph them at close proximity, or you can give them some space by zooming in on them with a moderate telephoto lens (I used one in the 80–105mm range). To increase your chances of capturing a special, fleeting moment, be ready with your camera. Preset your camera’s exposure (be sure to use a relatively shallow depth of field to separate your subjects from the background), and watch through the viewfinder so you won’t miss a thing. Take lots of pictures—some candids will undoubtedly turn out better than others.

Tip 5: Try Different Camera Angles
Once you shoot a variety of pictures at the couples’ level, try some different vantage points. Shoot from above or below. Position yourself on one side of the man and photograph the woman’s face looking at him. Get behind the couple and photograph the backs of their heads together. We don’t always consider all these choices when taking pictures, but give it a try. You have nothing to lose, and you may get some creative couple photographs while you’re experimenting.