Halloween Photos, Maui

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Halloween is spooky, but taking Halloween pictures shouldn’t be. From a jack-o’-lantern’s scary stare to frighteningly fun costumes, this holiday offers unique picture-taking opportunities. These tips will ease your mind about the unusual challenges that Halloween presents for a photographer.
Here’s a few tips to remember:
1. Tell a Story
2. Avoid Flash Reflections
3. Move in CLose
4. Avoid Flash Reflections
5. Capture the Mood
6. Set your camera on the right settings
7. Use a Tripod if Needed
8. Create Fun and creative images- Try shooting time exposures.
If your in Maui on Halloween, go to front street and as they close down all the streets for us all to enjoy the mood of Halloween. Costumes range from scary to unusal. There’s live music and thousands wondering around in their costumes. It’s a site to see.  Halloween in Maui is something you shouldn’t miss. See ya there..