Maui Vacation Pictures

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I haven’t updated my blog for about a week due to being on vacation. I traveled to Southern California on September 22nd and rested for a few days in Yorba Linda California before traveling to New York. Yes, New York the complete opposite environment of Maui, Hawaii.  I had the opportunity to go to New York because of my dear friend, ” Dwayne” who offered to take me along on his already planned trip to the big Apple.  Wow.. Taking pictures in the Big Apple..

I saw the city and had the opportunity to go to one of the last Yankee games at the famous Yankee Stadium. What an experience…

Maui vacation pictures are one thing but, taking photos in New York is another. I’m going to post a couple images to give you a taste of what I saw. In the next ten days I will be posting other New York Images as well as some shots of Southern Cal. Hope to see you back in Maui soon.

More photos to come…