Maui Halloween Photos- Front St.

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My honey, “Paul” took us all to dinner on Front St. in Lahinia to celebrate Halloween. We ate a fantastic dinner together as a family at Kobe’s Steak house. The food was awesome and the company even better.

My mom, Berta joined in on the fun, dressing up as a tourist. Your awesome mom… My 81 years old mother recently survived a horrific accident and was unexpected to survive.  After  hellish four month stay,  I was called by one of her doctors and told she had less than 24 hours to live. Miracles can happen… The doctors and hospital staff amazed at her come back still to this day call her the miracle woman of room 417. Mom is doing much better now and I am so blessed to have had her out with us last night.  My mom has nine lives for sure.  I’m blessed so lucky and proud that she’s has so much will power  which allows her to be with me today.  My mom is everything to me, I love you mom soooooooooooo much!

Who’s in the top photo?

Yes, that’s me in the back row as another tourist, my little Devil Mele-sia ( My Angle sent to me for above) sitting next to Paul.  Paul’s three children joined in on the fun too. Leah is next to my mom and on the other side of her is Samuel and Jacob is right behind Mele-sia.

Going together made it a very special Halloween!  Thank-you Paul for being so wonderful and treating us to a great dinner and nice walk down front street.

I enjoyed watching my mom  and the kids have a good time.