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Wednesday, December 17, 2008

My Wedding Blog.. Writes;

Nicole Sanchez- Behind The Lens Maui

I got an email out of the blue the other day from Heidi Baumgart, of the super entertaining and informative wedding day-of coordinator/consultant blog, telling me about another great photographer based on Maui-

I didn’t see her on your Maui blog, but when my husband and I were in Maui, we had Nicole Sanchez of Behind the Lens Maui photograph our surf lesson with Maui Surfer Girls. She was SOO fabulous. A couple of months later, our friends got married and went to Maui, too, so for their wedding gift we got them honeymoon portrait shoot with Nicole and they had a blast too.

Check her out at:

So I followed her advice and was very impressed! I actually wrote back thanking her for telling me about Nicole and telling her that I wished I’d known about her when I was getting married. It could have saved us from one very bad wedding photog experience.

But weddings aren’t all Nicole photographs on the island. She has tons and tons of surfing shots that just make me want to grab a board and try my skills at surfing. (Any one out there wanna give me lessons!) And then asking Nicole to grab her camera and photograph the ridiculousness that will undoubtably ensue.
She also does some of the most stunning maternity shots! So you know… if you’re family of two starts turning into a family of three… head on back to the island that united the two of you and have Nicole take your maternity shots. I think they’re my favorite of her photos.
And if you’re just still in the process of planning the wedding for your family of two, check out Nicole’s website. Her prices are totally agreeable and she has 4 different price options and packages for weddings so she can cater to any budget.
Mahalo for the tip Heidi! And keep up the good work Nicole! 🙂