Wedding Ideas

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Do Flowers Make or Break your wedding?
The wedding ritual and flowers go hand-in-hand in
nearly every culture and tradition in the world.
Whether they are bouquets or garlands, real or handmade,
flowers always play an important role, even in
cultures where floral wreathes may be make the only
gown that the bride wears, while the groom is adorned only
with his tribal tattoos. In American society, flowers decorate
wedding halls and limousines, ornamental bouquets and
floral centerpieces are an integral element of the event,
the bride’s bouquet is no less important than her gown,
hairdo and makeup. Thus, choosing your florist is a task as
vital as searching for the right makeup artist, hair stylist or
dress designer.

The bride usually has some idea of the general visual
layout of her planned wedding and the kind of bouquet she
would like to hold in her hands. To get the best results, a
bride should describe her aspirations to the florist in great
detail, but also pay attention to the expert advice she is
receiving from the florist.

Fresh floral arrangements can’t be “tried on” in advance,
unlike other parts of your wedding plans. You will see your
dress during the fitting while it is still not too late to alter
it, and trial hairdo and makeup sessions are commonly held.
However, making a sample bouquet is impossible – each
fresh flower is unique, so that even the most perfect sample
can never be exactly duplicated.

Every bouquet and each floral composition not only requires skill
but also inspiration, creativity, and the special
magical skills of a true floral artist. It doesn’t matter how
prestigious or expensive the floral shop you choose is – if
you do not feel a connection and innate understanding with
the florist, you should choose another florist who makes you
feel immediately as if he or she knows exactly what you wish
them to design for you.

Every season brings along a new style. A few years ago
lilac was “the” color, followed by “salad green”, which was
replaced by pink. Fashion, naturally, should not be the only
factor influencing your choice, but rather your own taste and
your particular color palette preference. The easiest solution
is to have some general idea and entrust this idea to one
professional – this will guarantee color-coordinated
tablecloths, napkins, plates and flowers. Otherwise you must
personally supervise all the other elements of interior design
and risk the fact that a slight change in the tablecloth tone
and the entire palette is ruined!

The bridal bouquet deserves special attention – it has to
be out of the ordinary. For example, you might want to
include some unusual flowers and not just standard lilies and
roses that have become so commonplace. Another piece of
simple, yet important, advice: don’t forget to tell your florist
if the bride or groom have allergies to certain flowers. Even
if one such flower finds its way into the bouquet that the
bride holds for the whole day and the pollen makes her itchy,
teary, or uncomfortable in any way – it is going to bring more
trouble than joy.

Flowers also should to be coordinated with the gown. If
you are discussing your floral arrangements and your gown
is not ready yet, bring along a sketch and fabric samples. Be
sure to discuss the shape of the bouquet as well – you might
prefer something other than the traditional “round” style.
Let your imagination run wild! Remember just one thing
– the bouquet should be light and easy to hold. It shouldn’t
be too large or heavy – a bride certainly shouldn’t look like
a walking flowerbed. If you are planning to follow the
American tradition of throwing the bouquet to the single
women attending the reception, note that intricate, angular
arrangements with branches and greens worked into your
bouquet will not work with this tradition, no matter how
well they match your gown. Some brides have a special
bouquet for this tradition, if they wish to walk down the
aisle with an intricate floral bouquet.

While discussing your look with the florist think about
other possibilities, such as replacing the traditional veil or
crown with fresh flowers in your hair. It may be that fresh
flowers will complement your gown the best. Don’t be shy
and don’t limit your imagination. Share all your bold ideas
with your designer. If you have an idea that is amazingly
unique that you relay to your florist, the result from creative
hands is guaranteed to be above your expectations.

One delicate issue to consider is to be sure to estimate the
floral expenses and projected costs upfront. If you are
planning on a very expensive bridal bouquet with rare exotic
flowers and your resources are limited, you may not be able
to afford to do the reception hall’s décor justice, which is an
area in which you do not want to cut corners. On the other
hand, if you are willing to spend more on floral decorations,
but your florist is trying to save you money, you may wind
up with a far less luxurious wedding “look” than if you had
spoken up early on about your comfortable budget.

In the end, it doesn’t matter what kind of flowers you
choose – calla lilies, green roses or traditional white lilies –
what really matters is that your wedding should be unique,
distinctive and, most importantly, that its décor matches
your taste. Only a true professional can help provide a
personal touch to your celebration, while keeping pace with
the latest trends and popular colors.