Learning to Stand-up Paddle in Maui

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I recently started spending time working with a wonderful young lady named Jody every Saturday. Jody is disabled, she’s blind.

Working with Jody has been such an inspiration for me not only as a photographer but as person living in this world having the ability to be able to see, I am so blessed to have Jody as my inspiration and to be to be able to capture what I see behind my lens is such a gift. I am so thankful to be able to do what I love for a living. I’ll tell you, we all tend to take what you have for granted and through jody’s eyes, I’ve learned to see things somewhat differently. Jody and the time I’ve spent with her has given me a gift the gift of love and inspriation. I am hoping that by my spending time with jody that I will be able to capture my subjects with a slightly alternate style which will reflect in my work.

The photograph above is my new friend Jody along with no other than one of the worlds experts in the water, a true water woman, my dearest friend and the owner of “Maui’s only Stand-up paddle school”, “Maria Souza” and the greatest volunteer and all around good guy “Jim” a recent transplant from back east,  we we’re able to get Jody in the water to get a taste of what the rush is like to be on a stand-up paddle board in Maui. One of the most beautiful places on earth.

Thank-you Maria and Jim for your contribution, the time you spent with Jody was so impactful, she will never ever forget you two and the special time you allowed her to have in the ocean. She sooooooooooooo loved you two and is looking forward to her second lesson.

I love you guys….

Here’s Jim and Maria helping Jody learn about balance… So Awesome…..