Marriage- Things to consider

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Getting married is a huge step for anyone. But it is easier if a person can understand the upcoming challenges of the new life with a partner.

The 5 basic issues given below will have to be accepted by all women after their marriage:

  1. He will want you to be the one who cooks the most.
  2. He will have expectations [your husband will expect you to be loyal, trustworthy, honest, clean, attentive, supportive and all of those things that you expect back]
  3. He will leave his dry dishes, his dirty clothes, his dirty mess everywhere and he doesn’t want you to tell him anything.
  4. He will almost never do anything because.
  5. He won’t always listen.

Research shows that married couples fight most often about money and sex. You can avoid some arguments over both with a few honest discussions before marriage. Start with a review of everyone’s salary and savings, and especially any outstanding debt. This will help you get an idea of where you’d be standing financially when you start a new family.

Talking about kids too soon is probably one of the quickest ways to find yourself single again. But once you both have started talking about marriage, it’s a good time to find out if you’re both in favor of a family or not.

Lots of married couples find out too late they’re faiths don’t match. There are large issues related to faith you should know before you’re both halfway down the aisle.

Sometimes issues that you very strongly about, your spouse – to – be may feel just as strongly about. Take an evening to go over your hot button issues to see where you agree and where you’ll need to agree to disagree. Apart from these things there are some practical matters you will have to discuss with your partner before marriage or shortly after the wedding:

  1. Change beneficiaries to include your spouse on any preexisting insurance policies [health, life insurance or investment plans]
  2. Compare the benefit and protection plans of each of you holds to determine what else you may need.
  3. Add your spouse’s name to any bank accounts, car registrations, investment accounts or credit cards you intend to share.
  4. If you will change your name after marriage or if he will be combining his surname with yours, you each need to effect that change on driver’s license, employment records, social security cards, bank accounts, credit cards and so on.
  5. If either of you has been married before or is receiving alimony, keep in mind that it will stop once you are remarried. You will need to inform your former spouse about your marriage plans, and one or both of you may need to see an attorney.
  6. Review your tax situation. Most married couples still find filing jointly to be the easiest, most advantageous method. But that may not be true for you.  Choose wisely.