Maui Photographer- Make up tips for your wedding day.

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Make-Up Tips for your Maui Wedding from a Photographer’s View:

If you can afford it, hire a professional. If you can cut anything else in your wedding to ensure you have the $50 or $75 to have your makeup professionally done, do it. Why not pay someone $75 when it can make you look like a million bucks? This is the most important and most photographed day you will probably ever have so, why not look the best. Besides, don’t you want your husband to look back on his wedding day and think, wow, I’ve never seen her glow like that.

Remember the saying less is more. This is the digital age and trust me, the camera picks up everything. Here’s a few tips to share with the person doing your make-up. They will need to know if your event will be indoors and or/outdoors and if it will be dimly lit, etc. For example, if you are getting married on a beautiful summer day at 2 p.m. outdoors, you would want your make up to be a little bold. The more lights and the brighter the lights, the more the lights will wash out your color. This is the opposite for dim lit conditions.

If your getting married indoors and the church is very dimly lit, not a lot of windows, and the lights are a yellow tint. If you told this to the professional doing your make up, they would try not to use makeup with a yellow tint, and would make sure that your make up was modest. Do not wear bright lipstick, really dark eye shadow and especially watch the blush. You can, but I assure you that you will probably look on the “clown” side because dim lights exaggerate the colors. Now, that’s not saying you can’t wear bright colors with dim lights, a professional makeup artist can use bright colors in a way that is flattering, but a friend or family member will more than likely end up making it worse because of their lack of knowledge. Okay, you’re probably thinking well, should I have good lighting for the formals? Well, or course, but unless you want big umbrella lights and light stands on at your ceremony, your pictures will be in the normal lighting of the church or location. Most receptions are also in dim lit conditions. It’s better for your makeup to be in accordance of the settings without lighting assistance, as we as photographers for your formal pictures can adjust our lights accordingly to flatter you as best as possible.

One last thing to remember, always bring clear lip gloss and touch up makeup with you. Through out the day your makeup will “melt” and/or fade out. We strongly recommend bringing oil blotting paper in lieu of powder, because every time you reapply powder, it will start to look “caked on.”