Maui Portraits of children- what to wear

NicoleMaui Photography

What to Wear…
Infant or children’s shoots:

My thoughts are to keep clothing simple. Simple goes a long way! When shooting my goal is the subject; therefore, simple clothing choices are best for creating timeless portraits. I suggest solid colors, avoiding busy patterns or logos/words. Jeans, overalls, sun/slip dresses; khakis are classics and photograph well. Hats can also be very effective; as well as other accessories such as scarves or funky belts. If children are being photographed together, clothes that are similar in style give a more coordinated look. Bare feet are especially fun, and kids love it too. If shoes are preferred, please make sure they are in good shape, and not scuffed. Consider dressing in the color white sparingly, for this color often reflects light strongly. Let’s say, however, you want a trendier look for your child. Well then things change a bit! I love the timeless looks in the clothing mentioned above, but also enjoy photographing a session with a more “hip” feel to it. I still caution against bold logos or cartoon characters on clothing