Maui Wedding Tips

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Your wedding day is finally here. It’s going to be a busy day, and you’ll probably wake up with a list of tasks in your head. But as much as you can, step back and relax. This day is not about flower arrangements and centerpieces–it’s about committing to spend your life with the one you love. Here’s how to get ready on the morning of your wedding. These tips are for both the bride and the groom.

Step 1

Get yourself in the moment and clear your head with an activity that sooths you. Try a brisk walk or jog as the sun comes up. Meditate, do yoga or say a prayer. Reflect on today’s joyful rite-of-passage.

Step 2

Keep things in perspective. In all likelihood, some details are going to go wrong throughout the day, but so what? You’re getting married and will be surrounded by people who want to share your happy moment. If the chicken is too dry, so be it.

Step 3

Take a long shower. If it helps you relax, use scented bath products or lotions

Step 4

Eat a healthy breakfast. You’re going to have a busy day and may not have time or the inclination to eat regularly. Food that is high in protein is a good bet because it will energize you without making you crash later. Avoid lots of carbs or sugar, as they will give you both quick energy and a crash. A relaxing cup of tea may be in order as well.

Step 5

Sit down with your mother, maid of honor, best man or another trusted person who’s around and calmly discuss the list of things you need to do before the wedding.

Step 6

Brides should dress in a button down shirt that can be removed after getting hair and make-up done.

Step 7

Enjoy the time you spend with your family and friends as you get ready for the wedding. These are special moments too.

Step 8

Now go get married and stay in the moment. Congratulations!