Planning your wedding

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One of the most important things to consider when planning your wedding right after your wedding and that is your reception. Here’s a few suggestions that may help you along in the planning.

Book as early as possible

You will need to book the reception venue as early as possible. For some popular sites, you will need to book a year in advance. It will be even more difficult to secure your plan if you are going to have your wedding on a Saturday. This is because Saturday is a more popular day for wedding. On the contrary, Fridays and Sundays are less popular and you can secure your plan relatively easier if your big day is on a Friday or Sunday. Some venues may even offer you discount if you book for a Friday or Sunday. Of course you cannot just think of money saving, you will also need to consider your guests. Your guest may need to leave early if your wedding is on Sunday because they will need to go back to their offices early in the morning on Monday. Is there anyone with special needs attending such as any one with disabilities. Is there wheel chair access? Think with the end in mind.

Size of your wedding

You will need to determine the size of the venue you will need for your reception. You may only need to book a small pub or restaurant if you are going to hold a small wedding. However, if you are going a have a wedding which is large in scale, you will probably need to consider venues such as the grand ballroom in a hotel. In fact I myself am an advocate of small weddings since you can enjoy the time with your guests. Of course the choice of having a large or small wedding is totally up to your preferences.

Parking spaces near the venue

One of the most important facilities you will need to ask beforehand is the parking space. Unless you are going to arrange transportation for all the guests, it will be inevitably that some of the guests will drive to your wedding reception venue. It will make the situation very complicated if no parking space can be provided. Again, is there handicap parking, valet parking. Some place charge for Valet parking and you can negotiate free parking for all your guests.

Space for dancing

You should also make sure that there is enough space for you to arrange a dancing floor in your wedding if you want your guest to dance in your party. You may also need to make sure that there is also enough space to accommodate a live band, which you may probably hire in order to heat up the atmosphere of the wedding and make the guests to stand up and dance.

Visiting the venue beforehand

You should visit the venue before you make the final decision. If it is not possible for you to go personally, you may try to ask if friends or relative who can be trusted to visit for you. You cannot make your decision based on the images in bridal magazines or websites of the reception venues. These images and photos are usually retouched by software and it may look better than the actual venue. As a result you should try your best to pay a visit to the venue so that you can make sure the venue is something you want.

Photography- Are there photo oppertunites at the venue that maybe you need to discuss with your photographer. Perhaps meeting a bit early with the photographer to do a few shots that are photo worthy. Make sure to tell your photographer about the ideas you have. Look for photographs that you like in magazines and or advertisments and tear the photos out of the magazine to show your photographer. MAKE SURE TO EXPLAIN WHAT YOU LIKE AND DON’T LIKE ABOUT THE PHOTOS. Maybe it’s the lighting, the angle or the style the image was taken. Your photographer will appreciate your sharing your ideas.

Most of all remember your there to have the timeof your life, enjoy it!

Best wishes on your wedding.. If your planning to get married in Maui I’d love he oppertuity to work with you and your wedding party.