Make up application for photo shoots

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You most likely already know how to apply makeup for everyday use but there are a few things that are different in applying makeup for a model photo shoot.

It’s not that difficult to learn and if you follow the tips below, you will be on your way to better makeup results for your model session.

Apply a heavier coat

The first key to model makeup is to simply fix your face as if you were going out for the evening, wearing more than for daytime use.

Create extra contrast and especially use more powder. I cannot stress powder enough. This is essential!

To achieve that natural look in your model portfolio, apply a little more than you would in your daily activities and even more than you would if you were going out for the evening.

When you look in the mirror you will feel that you are wearing too much makeup but remember that the studio lights will reduce the amount of makeup you have on so don’t worry.

How do you achieve the model look? Follow the simple steps listed here and, with a little practice, you should be able to get the results you’re after and have a successful makeup session.

Moisturizer & Concealer

First, moisturize your face thoroughly and then follow with concealer. The concealer you use for photos should be 2 or 3 shades lighter than your skin tone.

You will use concealer in order to hide blemishes, to lighten your eyes and you’ll need concealer to hide any discoloration around the eyes or lips.

The Foundation

Now, you’ll want to use a good, solid foundation and apply it evenly over the face.

Foundation application is very simple but is misunderstood by even some professional makeup artists.

Match the foundation to your chin and neckline. If you miss this step, you and the camera will see a sudden change of color from your face to the neck or upper chest.

Some makeup artists even apply makeup to the neck and shoulders! Why you ask? To match the body to the face. You will have no need to apply makeup to your body (except to hide blemishes) if you follow the suggestion of matching your makeup from the face to the neck.

When you have completed applying your foundation, just apply the rest of your facial makeup as you would normally but apply in heavier amounts for the camera and lights.


Powder! Powder! Powder! Be sure to remember the powder!

I’m sure you’ve seen makeup artists apply makeup to actors to get them ready for a TV show or the movies. If you have you must have noticed that the makeup artist is constantly patting the actors face with a powder applicator. Have you wondered why?