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If you want vacation pictures that will pass the test of time, do your homework before you leave. Unlike calculus, getting picture-ready for a trip is easy and fun. All you have to do is leaf through your camera manual and dream about the things you’ll do when you get to your destination.

Browse your user’s guide
Become familiar with all the features your camera has to offer before you go on vacation. Your user’s guide tells you about changing settings for picture quality, exposure compensation, turning on the flash, and many other useful picture-taking functions. Take a few minutes to flip through your user’s guide to brush up on all the things your camera can do. Maybe you’ll even learn something new!

Consult the travel guides
Take notes from travel guides about the places you plan to visit. Jot down a short photo shoot list so you don’t forget any key moments or sites. You’ll want shots that capture the local flavor, such as a marketplace, craftwork, or unusual transportation.