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Shopping for a wedding photographer is not like selecting a gown or a bridal bouquet.

You can see something tangible before you make your decision, when you’re shopping for specific items like that. But in the selection of your photographer, you’re often at the mercy of a super-salesperson and/or your own intuition. It seems as if PRICE is usually the main determining factor, even though there’s NEVER going to be a second chance. Nor has there ever been anything written that gives you, the bride, a true guideline as to how to select the one person who could supply you with a heart full of memories to last a lifetime.
Start Here

First of all, undoubtedly the best way a bride has to prejudge the competency of a wedding photographer is to have a recommendation from someone whose opinion she trusts. If she has more than one recommendation, that’s even better – especially if the same photographer’s name comes from different sources.

Your Initial Contact:

The telephone conversation should begin with the availability of the photographer to cover the wedding on your specific date. You should also learn the name of the photographer who would be doing the actual pictures at your wedding, and at least a rough estimate of the costs involved. You should find out on the telephone how the photographer feels about posed and unposed pictures and decide whether or not you agree or are interested in the photographer’s philosophy of how the wedding photography should be conducted. That is – photojournalism, candids, portraits, groups, etc. Just one concept? A combination of several?

If meeting the photographer in person, an appointment should be made to meet with the photographer who will be assigned at your wedding, see his work and discuss the details. You can always check the photographers work out on=line. Always ask if the work you see on-line was done by the photographer your scheduling with. Sometimes, the work you see is done by various photographers who work for a wedding planner or photography company your talking to. When meeting in person, the meeting should include both the bride and groom as well as the bride’s parents…or however many of these people can be assembled for the consultation if possible. If your planning a destination wedding, your consultation will have to be by phone. I would recommend scheduling a conference call with all the parties involved when choosing a photographer for a destination wedding.

At that meeting the first assessment you should make is whether or not you feel comfortable in the presence of the photographer. If you’re going to spend a good part of the most important day of your life with this person, it should be someone with whom you know you’ll enjoy sharing that time.

Some questions to consider asking your potential photographer:

2. Did you, personally, take these photographs?

3. May I call some past clients for a personal reference?

After all, it’s one thing to see some beautiful pictures, but it’s equally important to find out if the bride and groom ENJOYED working with this photographer. It’s also a way of knowing that the photographs you’re being shown were actually made by the person you’re speaking to. You want to be sure that the work you’re admiring was made by the photographer who’ll be at your wedding.

Another result of this meeting could be to allow you and your photographer to begin a one-on-one relationship. In that way, neither of you would be strangers to each other on the day of the wedding and you’ll be more relaxed in front of the camera.

Now The Fun Begins:

For the most part, when prospective clients come to my studio, their questions pertain to prices, sizes and numbers in general. I’ve often felt that the reason for this is that they’ve never thought to consider some of the more important questions such as:

1. How do you feel about the bride and groom not wanting to see each other before the ceremony? —What are the alternatives? —How will the various plans affect us on the day of the wedding?

2. Do you have any goals for approaching each wedding? —Any long-term goals for yourself as a person? —As a photographer?

3. How long do you expect to be with us on the day of the wedding? —Beginning at what time? —Until when? —Is there an extra charge if the wedding runs a little overtime?

4. Whom would you include in the photographs? —Where and when would they be taken?

5. What can I do to help you perform your duties to the best of your ability?

6. How do you prefer to work with your clients?

If you’re still interested in the photographer’s services at this point, I would discuss all the terms, make sure if you decide to go with a photographer to get everything in writing. Make sure you feel comfortable and also make sure you express your desires to the photographer. You can also forward photos to the photographer of the people they need to foucs on at your wedding, Include the names of the people you want to focus on such as grandma, close family members and or friends. If the photographer is organized they may even ask you to fill out a questionare to help them stay on track at the wedding and remind them who to focus on.

Securing your photographer: Dates get book quickly so if your feeling comfortable with the person you met with and or spoke to on the phone and want to make sure you get them for your wedding, you must inquire about their booking procedures, Many photographers will want a deposit and then to be paid in full within a week before the wedding date.

Planing a destination wedding in Maui? If so, please check out my website and if you like what your see and my prices are within your budget, give me a call to discuss your needs. I love my work and meeting new people. I would love to meet with you and discuss your needs for your Maui wedding.