“Maui Wedding Photographer”- Idea’s for your wedding

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Maui Wedding Photographer- Nicole Sanchez has always been adventourous and loves to work with thrill seekers and adventourous people on their wedding day. If your thinking of doing something different at your wedding such as Stand-up Paddle surfing, surfing or taking a helicopter to a remote location, Nicole is your gal. Here’s a Few ideas to get you thinking.

Weddings in the sky:

A ceremony in the sky is an exhilarating way to tie the knot. Consider chartering a plane or helicopter for a marriage two miles up. If you’re truly adventurous, strap yourself and your betrothed to expert skydiving instructors, say your vows in the aircraft, then take the ultimate leap of faith. (Drop zones operate on Oahu only; inquire about requirements and restrictions.)

Weddings Afloat

Get married on your own private love boat! Many sea captains in Hawaii are also licensed ministers, which means there’s no shortage of officiants who can perform your ceremony afloat. Vessels range from intimate teak sailboats to magnificent cruise ships, so you’re sure to find something that, uh, floats your boat.

Note: Weddings at sea must be performed within three miles of shore to be considered legal in Hawaii. (Beyond three miles is outside Hawaiian waters). There is one exception to this: If you’re cruising between Hawaiian Islands and are more than three miles offshore, but are within a designated area of water between Islands (such as the channel between Oahu and Molokai), you’re still in Hawaiian waters. Find a charter cruise company and inquire about requirements and restrictions, or consider an interisland wedding cruise.

Horseback Weddings

Hawaii’s ranching heritage dates back to the 19th century, and the paniolo (cowboy) culture still thrives. Couples of an equestrian bent can take part in this rich heritage with a horseback wedding ride through some of Hawaii’s most beautiful rural areas. Find stables in Hawaii and inquire about requirements and restrictions.