Maui Wedding Tips

NicoleMaui Photography


~ Before you leave home ~

What kind of couple are you?

Do you enjoy quiet, romantic moments? Do you love humor or adventure? Are you homebodies or party animals? The best wedding photos will reflect the special essence of your relationship. Keep this in mind:

  • Research – Use the web, magazines, your friends’ wedding photos. Clip or copy pictures that you like and send them to us.
  • Practice posing – Pose individually and as a couple in front of a mirror. Be critical and creative. If you find one that you like, let your photographer know.

Do either of you have a physical characteristic that you would prefer not to show?

Sometimes it’s the groom’s nose, or the bride’s hips. If there is anything that you’re at all self-conscious about, let us know. Our photographers are great at the art of posing, an art which can maximize or minimize those areas that were not created perfect.

Are there any interpersonal dynamics that we should know about?

A long standing feud between Uncle Remus and Aunt Minnie? An acrimonious divorce? These are things that the photographer needs to know in order to avoid an unexpected uncomfortable situation on the Day.

Do you have specific photographic needs?

For example: A formal portrait of the wedding party to send to extended family abroad. Please think about this seriously and consult parents or any other intimately connected individuals on this point. After the pictures are taken, it will be too late to correct any misunderstandings.

~ On the way to Paradise ~

Carry On Bags

Please make sure that you carry on your wedding gown, shoes, tux, and anything else that you absolutely must have on your wedding day. Airlines do occasionally lose checked bags, so make sure that you keep the essentials with you.

~ In Paradise ~

The Tropical Sun

Please be careful about tan lines and sunburn. It will show in the photos and there’s nothing that we can do about it.