Looking for your Maui photographer

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If your planning on getting married in Maui and are looking for your Maui wedding photographer please copy and paste this in a e-mail to me and I will get back to you.

Hi Nicole, I am __________( Your Name ), I think I might be getting married on __________( Date ), at the amazing __________(Venue), in __________ ( Island / State / Country ). I heard about you from __________ ( Source ), and I would like to __________(Chat with You / Book You ). Here is my __________(E-mail / Phone Number / Contact Info ). The best time to reach me is __________ ( Date / Hour / Second ). __________ ( Partners Name ) and I, are excited to hear back from you! Thanks, ______________( Your Name )

If you prefer to talk on the “Telephone” give me a ring @ 808 205-2366. Leave a message, and I will get back to you Look forward to hearing from you soon! Nicole Sanchez