How to Start a Wedding Photography Buisness

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How To Start A Wedding Photography Business

You decide to become a photographer and want to specialize in wedding photography. The big question remains, “how do I start a wedding photography business?” It is real simple, but expect do to some work. Below I have outlined some of the basic steps in order to get you started in wedding photography.

v    Put together a portfolio

v    Start a web site

v    Get business cards

v    Plan advertisement

v    Make a price list

Putting Together A Portfolio

The first thing you want to do is to put your business portfolio together, along with a name for your business. You want a name that no one else is using, so you will to research that. You want a name that reflects who you are, since it will be on everything you do. The name also needs to be professional, but something unique so that people will remember your name.

Now that you have the name, you want to put together a great portfolio. This portfolio, along with pricing, will determine if you get the bid or not. So plan carefully and be sure it’s something you can parlay to your potential client what you can do.

Start by getting a really nice portfolio binder, as it will be the first thing your client sees when you sit down with them. Then include a wide range of shots, from groups to candid and be sure to include your very best photos as you client will visualize themselves in your photos.

If you have never photographed a wedding before, you will not have photos to showcase to clients. My recommendation is to shoot friends or family pictures to start. Even if they hired a professional, ask that you do it for free for the experience and to build a portfolio. You will see the more weddings you shoot, the better your shots will become.

Start A Web Site
A web site is just as vital today as ever before. This is a great way for potential clients can visit your interactive portfolio. Shop the competition and see what they are doing and notate what you like and don’t like and create your site around that.

Today, domain names are cheaper than ever and many host sites offer you web design templates, which makes it easy for you to design your own site with. You can incorporate everything through your site such as photos, policies, pricing, scheduling and contacting you. Remember, your portfolio may determine whether or not you get the job, it has to sell – you!

Get Business Cards

When considering your business cards, you want to keep it clean and simple. Your card should include your pertinent information, such as your name, phone number, email address and/or website. If you have a business logo, that should also be included as many will associate that logo with you.

Other things to consider is the use of color on your cards, but too much color can clutter your card, so consider this wisely, as well as the finish of your card, such as matte, glossy or other options. When it comes to having someone print your cards, there are many options available today. You have copy shops, graphics businesses and on-line businesses. Shop around to find the best value for your money.

Plan Your Advertisement

This is where the term, “you have to spend money, to make money” comes from. You can be the best wedding photographer with the hottest web site, but if no ones knows who you are, then you will not get any business.

For a wedding photographer, your best bet is to go to wedding and bridal shows. For a fee you can set up a table and really sell yourself to hundreds of potential clients. Much like the portfolio, this is where you can really sell yourself if done right. Come prepared with samples of your work, your portfolio, maybe a laptop to show your web site and bring a calendar, because if you sold yourself properly, you will have people asking about your availability and you may just walk out of that show, not only with potential work, but actual scheduled weddings.

If you want to hit a broader audience, consider advertising in local newspapers, magazines, phone books or on local cable television.

Make A Price List

Not sure what to charge for your work? The best way to determine pricing is to shop the competition. Figure out what the average price is for various of packages that you can offer your client. You may also take into consideration your experience and start on the lower scale and increase your pricing to be matched with your competition as you grow as a wedding photographer.

A wedding photography business is a great way to earn some extra money and allow you to be creative and grow within your own hobby. Plan out your business based on these steps and you will be bound to be successful!