Tips to better photography

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10 Tips To Better Photography

So you are a photographer, and yet you still want to get better at your craft. Taking great photos are not as difficult as you may think. You don’t always need the best equipment or have the most experience than other photographers, but just 10 easy tips and you will be on your way to great photographs.

  1. 1. Use All Your Available Space
  2. 2. Get Closer To Your Subject
  3. 3. Put Motion Into Your Pictures
  4. 4. Study Forms
  5. 5. Learn To Use Contrasts Between Colors
  6. 6. Continuous Shots
  7. 7. Shutter Lag
  8. 8. Ability To Pan
  9. 9. Take Fantastic Night Time Photography

10. Have Fun

Use All Your Available Space

Many photographers are afraid to fill their full space in fear of clutter, but don’t be afraid. Go ahead and takes shots with no or very little background, but try to keep distractions out. This is a great way to really understand what is in your view.

Get Closer To Your Subject

One of the biggest errors that photographers make is not getting closer to their subjects. Usually it is out of fear that the subject may be too close for any contrast. Get up close and take that shot. You can always resize it later and make it a better photo.

Put Motion Into Your Pictures

If your intent is to shoot a stationary object, then try to avoid any motion in your shot. If your are trying to be creative in a life of motion, then by all means, do what you can  do to capture that motion. Also, be aware of your horizontal line as you do not want to run it through the middle of your photo, try to keep it on the thirds.

Study Forms

This is a huge part of photography. Don’t view objects as objects, but rather as different shapes and forms and then shoot your photos from the best possible angle. Shooting different forms of an object will separate you from other photographers or from the average person that happens to have a camera.

Learn To Contrast Between Colors

Some of the best photos are when a subject has only one color focused on it, but when it is set up to be in contrast with other shades of colors is what gives it that highlight. Some of the best photos use the different shades of white, black and gray.

Continuous Shots

To take continuous shots, you will need a camera or an attachment that will allow you take this kind of photos. Having a continuous shot camera means you do not to stop and process after every shot. If you do have to process after every shot, it may mean the difference between getting boring or missed shots and getting “the shot.” Especially if you shoot any form of sports, a continuous camera is a must.

Shutter Lag

As mentioned in Continuous Shots, shooting actions shots with digital cameras can be difficult to shutter lag.  This means that when you press the button to shoot your picture, it may take a second or two to actually take the photo. By the time your camera is ready to take the next picture, your subject as already moved. You then have to anticipate your subject’s next move and hope you get your shot.

Ability To Pan

While taking action shots, know your shutter speeds. If your shutter speed is slow, pan along with the object. Start with the object and pan at the same speed it is going until you get the shot you want. Take several this way, because usually one shot will not capture what you were trying to achieve.

Take Fantastic Night Time Photography

If don’t right, night time shots can be fantastic! Yet at the same time, if done wrong, they can be a big mess. You will need adequate lighting, otherwise your shots will not turn out the way you want them too.

Have Fun

Most importantly, have fun shooting photos. Whether it is for recreation or for business, the trick is to have fun and continue to hone your skills by practicing over and over again. Also, try to be creative, whether it’s something someone had done before or try to create something new as the sky’s the limit.

So as you can see, shooting photography is not rocket science. You just want to keep it simple while you continue to learn all aspects of you camera and what it will allow you to do. Remember, your camera is only a tool used to capture your vision of an object, but only you can give that object, or scene, life.  So take your time, don’t get frustrated, study, practice and once again – have fun.