Wedding Photographers: What to look for

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Wedding Photographers: What To Look For

A wedding photographer is often overlooked until late in the wedding planning. Many couples plan out the look and feel of their wedding and receptions as their priority; then they will begin to look for a photographer.

Often a couple misses out on a opportunity and visual advice from the wedding photographer. After all, they are the ones that will be capturing the sights and moments on film that will last forever. In addition, the wedding photographer has been to more weddings than most people and may be able to offer advice that would enhance the setting even more. Furthermore, once the party is over and everyone has gone home, it’s the photographer that will bring the moments of your very special day back to life.

Your Initial Search

When it comes to looking for a wedding photographer, start early and don’t settle on the first one. Much like a car, you want to see what a few models have to offer. You may really like the first one you talk to, but later find someone that offers so much more or at a better price. You may meet a photographer that has certain techniques that others do not offer. If you start the process early, you will have more time to choose the photographer you are most comfortable with, as well as getting that advice on ceremony and reception set up and lighting that they may suggest before planning that aspect. Besides, after meeting a few photographers, you may find yourself still drawn to that first one, but now you are better prepared.

Be sure the photographer has a portfolio with a variety of wedding photographs. This will really give you insight of the quality of their photographs, as well as the creativity. Never just take their word for it. Many wedding photographers now have websites dedicated to their craft. You can use this tool as well to either weed out those from interviewing, and wasting your time, and some you want to meet to see more of what they have to offer. In addition, just because a photographer has many years of experience, does not mean they are good at what they do. You may come across someone who has less experience, but whose photos speak to you and more of your style. Let the photography speak to you.

Capturing the Moment

Just like every wedding is different, so too are wedding photographers. Therefore, when meeting potential photographers, as you look through their portfolios, ask yourself if their photos say something to you or are they just pictures. A really great wedding photographer should be able to bring emotion in their shots and bring it to life. Do their photos capture all the key moments, but also the little moments that go unnoticed. When viewing the romantic moments of your day, can you feel the emotion of love? When viewing the reception, can you feel the fun and excitement of the guests? Also, are they intrusive to your guests or are do they stay in the background? A good wedding photographer should be able to bring your day back to life. If you don’t see it or feel it in their photographs, move on to someone else.

Things You Need To Ask

Part of the interviewing process is more than just the photographs. First, how are you getting along? Is the wedding photographer adaptable to your needs or are they dictating to you? What is their availability? What are their prices? Do they offer packages and if so, what exactly do you get for your money? Do they get paid by the hour or by the event? Are they willing to alter packages to meet your needs? Who keeps the negatives? How much value are you getting for you money? Are they an individual wedding photographer or part of a team? If they are part of a team, this would be an important aspect to know, because you will want to get to know and see the work of the photographer that will be assigned to your wedding. You need to take all of this in consideration, along with their photographic abilities before deciding on someone. Remember this is YOUR day, and not theirs.

You see there is more to getting the right wedding photographer than just picking a name in the yellow pages. You need to do a little research and be sure you get the right person for the job. One that is going to deliver quality photographs that will last for a lifetime; someone you feel comfortable working with; someone that can offer some advice on the look of your ceremony and reception that will enhance your photos; someone that can truly deliver great value for your money.

Now you can see, by choosing a wedding photographer late in the planning, how it can be a detriment to your big day. Start early so that you have the time you need to be comfortable with your choice and can enjoy the whole experience.