Canon EOS 7D Review

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Canon EOS 7D Digital SLR Camera Review

The Canon EOS 7D is without question, the best APS-C sensor-sized DSLR Canon has ever produced (as of this review date of course). And of course, “best” is a vague word. Let me use seven or eight thousand words to clarify that sentence.

The Canon EOS 7D is the first model of a new camera line. Under Canon’s current naming scheme, the first clue as to where the 7D fits in Canon’s lineup is in the model number itself. The fewer digits in front of the D, the higher the camera line. Once 1 digit is reached, the lower the number, the higher the camera line (this is reversed for the zzD, zzzD and zzzzD lines). Canon’s 1D-Series line is the best available. So in this case, we have a single digit line (the best), but a higher number within the single digit lineup. In short, this is a very high end DSLR and the only single-digital model with an APS-C-sized sensor.

This camera is “… poised as the ultimate step-up camera for serious photographers or a second camera for professionals in the field.” (Canon) While it may be a second camera for many professionals, because of the features-to-price ratio, I think it is going to be the first camera for many as well.

What we also have with the Canon EOS 7D is the shortest Canon EOS DSLR name since the Canon EOS 5D. That feature alone is refreshing.

Another fact is that select features found in lower end camera lines can top those found in the best lines. And that is clearly the case with the 7D compared to the other currently (as of this review date) available lines including the 1-Series bodies. Here is a quick summary of the new and advanced features found in this DSLR:

Though it is a higher end model, the Canon EOS 7D is most similar in size and function to the most-current-at-review-time zzD model, the Canon EOS 50D, the camera I’ll most frequently compare the 7D to in this review. Like the 50D, the 7D shares the APS-C-sized sensor and accepts both EF and EF-S lenses. Here are some specs for comparison.