Maui Water Woman, Andrea Moller

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Last night my friend Andrea called and asked me if we could do some water shots for a sponsor who just sent her a stand-up board to try out. I wasn’t doing anything in the morning so I agreed to meet Andrea at Camp One, my old stopping grounds.  She told me we had access to a jet ski so of course I’m all over that..

Above is Andrea getting used to the board, bummer the waves we’re so small but, Andrea the water woman she is, made it a fun shoot.

ANDREA MOLLE – paddler, surfer, windsurfer
By Morgan Fisher
Andrea Moller
Age: 24 born September 16,1979
Place of birth: Sao Paulo, Brazil

M: What water sports did you do, growing up?
A: Lots of swimming, sailing on boats and windsurfing
M: What water sports you do now?
A: Windsurfing, surfing, paddling outrigger canoes, swimming, etc.

M: When did you begin surfing?
A: I started, when I came to Maui in ’98. I would go to Ho’okipa every single day before my
M: When did you begin to paddle canoes?
A: I began to paddle to improve my windsurfing. I started paddling on August of 1999.
M: When did you begin windsurfing?
A:Windsurfing has been in my family for a long time. But I only really started when I was 16
years old. I was back in Brazil, doing slalom sailing. I began wave sailing on my second year on

M: Who influenced you the most in these sports?
A: Well, my dad has definitely influenced me on everything I do. He was the windsurfer at home,
and the one that loved all the water sports. He is a strong sailor on all the categories. He
supported me on all the competitions I have done and gave me all I needed to be a better athlete.
M: What inspired you to do each of these water sports?
A: The inspiration for windsurfing was my Dad. Then ,when I came to Maui, Colette Guadagnino
showed me how to charge on the waves. For surfing, I just decided I wanted to learn it, and many
times just went by myself. If you really want to know some names of inspiration, I would say Dave
Kalama and Keala Kennelly. The inspiration for Outrigger Canoe is a big one in my heart. Joscelyn
Hyratt brought me to an amazing canoe Club, Lae’ula O Kai, where I learned everything I know today
about paddling. The coaches and friends on this club became my Maui family, and they have been all
my inspiration on this sport. They are also a big support for another sport that I recently
started- the one man Canoe paddling.
Overall, I think the big trips and crossing out on the ocean and the adrenaline I get from it is
what keeps me going.

M: How does the solo sport affect you, compared to a team sport?
A: They are simply different. The solo paddling is something that grows on me slowly. It is more
inside myself- just me and the water. It is all about my own decisions. I feel like it gives me a
different satisfaction, when I win a race. It’s not better nor worse. It is so graceful and lonely
at the same time. Solo paddling is also a good way to enjoy the bumps and waves out on the ocean.
Team paddling, OC6, is all about working together and pushing hard to reach our goals. We train, we
travel, we compete, we win, and we lose- always together. You are not there by yourself but with
five other women , charging with you. You can’t be selfish, and you can’t slack off. My team
consists of my club, and we love working with each other. The competition only makes us better, and
the taste of winning is six times bigger.
M: How does each water sport affect you mentally or physically? (Tow-in surfing, paddle surf,
canoe/paddling, windsurfing…)
A: Tow- in surfing affects me mentally the biggest. I choose only to think about it, after the
adrenaline is over. It is about playing big, playing smart, and going for it. Physically, all I
must say is – be prepared for the worst. Also, it is a must to warm up and stretch on all these
sports. Surfing is all I think about. I truly think our life happens on waves- lots of ups and
downs and one long beautiful ride. I love surfing… It so much affects me that I think it is one
big factor that keeps me on Hawaii. Canoe Paddling is just one more sport that keeps me on the
water and gives me the preparation for other sports. It is also where I met a big part of my
friends here. Windsurfing is what brought me to Maui, and I don’t think I’ll ever say it sucks,
even if I start kiting. I learned the ocean on a windsurfing board.

M:Do you favour one sport over another?
A: No

M: Does your desire for or interest for or focus on each water sport change, depending on the
season or time of year or conditions?
A: Definitely! In the summer the conditions are flat and windy. That’s when I’ll paddle the most,
and windsurf on other days. In the winter I like to be physically ready to surf all the swells
that come here. And that’s when surfing or tow- in surfing comes to play. Also, when there’s wind
and swell in the winter, paddling one-man and windsurfing the waves (wave sailing) is what I do

M:What are your goals with the sports you are currently doing?
A:Currently,I am only competing in Paddling. And my goals are to improve as much as my life allows
me. I would like to get on a better competition level and race bigger races I’d like to make the
channel Solo and do well on other races outside of Maui, and maybe in a couple of years, compete as
a Brazilian athlete on international events. There is so much more I want to do, but right now, my
daughter and my house are priority. As soon as I get support, I will definitely invest on a more
competitive level.

M:Where did you live in the US before Maui?
A:I lived on San Diego for three moths before I came to Maui. I went there to study English as an
Exchange Student.

M:What brought you to Maui?
A: I came to Maui to visit a friend, who helped me to compete on the National of 1998.

M:Describe where your house is now in relationship to the water.
A:My house is tiny, but only a couple steps from the water. The sound of
waves and the ocean breeze fill my house all year around. Keala, my daughter, is now walking and
is the lucky one to grow here. Where I live is a place where I have all my water toys rigged up,
ready to go. There are great waves that break right if front of my house. It feels like a sacred
beach area.

M: What was typical day or week for you before you were had your child?
A:Well, lots of free time. Usually I would paddle at 5: 30 am, then around 7:00 go surfing. When
I was studying, I would go to class then work and have one more water playtime at sunset- either
windsurfing or surfing. At night I could chill and rest for another early day of play.
M: What is a typical daily or weekly routine for you, now that you are have a child?
A: Now I try to keep it all the same, but plus all the wife and mom duties together. I have a
good group of moms that help each other, when the waves are here so we can surf. But if there is
no one to help watch Keala , then everything I do is out of the water. So, I work four days a week,
paddle four days a week, windsurf for 40 minutes almost everyday or surf instead. And, in between
all that, I take care of the house the car and the cat.
M:How do you manage to paddle, surf, or windsurf or cross train now with a baby?
A:Well, I don’t know. She just does it all with me, wherever I go. Yves, my boyfriend, is an
awesome team player, and we plan our day together so both of us get some fun. It is definitely a
must to have determination. When I can’t workout with out Keala ,I jog with her in the stroller or
go to the pool or do what I must do to be good for both of us.

M: Do you find you have to make compromises in your time with your family or time from work to
train in these sports (both recreational or competitive sports)?
A: Well, I think I just have to plan it all ahead to make it happen. I could use more hours in a
day but God just made it perfect so we don’t over work. I take my family as priority, then the rest
is a big bonus.

M: Do you have any advise for other women out there, who have or want to have babies and desire to
train and maintain training at serious competitive or recreational levels in water sports?
A:Yes, I do have some advise: Love your baby and your life at the same time. If you have a
partner or friends, try to work as a team. Plan your time ahead, keeping in mind your workout. If
you usually train three time a week, don’t change it, when you have your baby. These times may be
sacred to keep you in shape- therefore keeping you happy and being a better mom. Also, help other
moms that have the same goal as you do. Another idea is to substitute exercises that you can’t do
with you kid with others that you can take her/him with you. You will be surprised how many others
there are to do. Just remember that taking care of yourself is also loving your keike (children).

M: How would it affect your body and your personal life if you had to leave the water world that
you are living in currently? (i.e move to the mountains and completely away from the ocean)
A: I don’t think I would be the same. I was born on the water world and I need it! But I guess
we never know what is ahead of us. So, in this situation, I would have to find some other extreme
sports to keep me busy.

M:What was the scariest moment, out of all your water sports, you’ve experienced?
A:I had a zodiac boat flip over, when we were out trying to cross some huge waves to get to the
outside reef. It knocked out everybody and all the boards. Then it kept on running full speed
(the fastest I have ever seen, because it was so light) and going around in circles over every
single one of us. It went right above me twice. The propeller ran very close to our heads but never
hit anyone – Thank God. It damaged some boards and only stopped ,after a friend got a rope on the
motor. It was no fun. And it is still a nightmare just to think about what could have happened.

M:What is the most valuable thing (right now) about being able to be on and near the water, as
much as you are?
A:Simply to just be here. And enjoy this day by day.

M:Is there any final advise or knowledge you could offer about living your dreams on the water?
A: I had the dreams of being were I am today. Here I am very happy and with many more dreams. My
advice is live and love your life of today. Have the best memories of your past and never loose
hopes for your future. Believe in your dreams, maybe you are already there. Never give up.

Paddling Championships
1999 -Molokai to Oahu Channel, Na Whine O Ke Kai – 19th
2000-Molokai to Oahu Channel, Na Whine O Ke Kai – 12th
2001-Molokai to Oahu Channel, Na Whine O Ke Kai – 9th
Eleventh place – Kaiwi channel on Oc1
Second place – Estates Championship – oc6 mix division
Second place, overall – Molokai Oahu Channel on oc2
Third place – Estates Championships – sophomore division
Eighth Place – Na Whine O Ke Kai

Keala was born

First place! Molokai Oahu Channel on OC2
First place – Honakahoo to Leilani’s race on oc1
Fourth place – Hilo World Sprints on oc6 open 500m

Second place – Kings Trail Triathlon – women team.
Some more to compete this year…