Secret Cove in Maui, wedding location

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Secret Cove on Maui

Is An Incredibly Beautiful Hideaway Beach!

Secret Cove on the southwest side of Maui, is a beautiful beach that is difficult to find, but worth the effort to locate and spend a half-day enjoying its spectacular views!

Secret Cove is along Makena Road, which is actually Hwy. 31 through Kihei and Wailea.  But it turns into Makena Road just past The Shops at Wailea –  It is less than a mile south of Big Beach and the two major oceanside turns into the Big Beach parking areas.  When you see the Makena Grill to your left and the stone wall to your right (pictured above) — You Are there!

The best time to experience Secret Cove is early in the morning.  You’ll want to arrive before the weddings begin (about 10am) and before the afternoon swells bring rougher water.  After 2pm or so, the water is usually much rougher and the snorkeling is much tougher for beginning snorkelers.

The stone wall has a small entrance (see photo above and to the left), but it’s easy to see!  Make sure your vehicle is parked closely along the stone wall and is facing to the south.  There is not much room for a lot of cars.

Once inside Secret Cove, you’ll see a beautiful view of the Hawaiian island of Kahoolawe in the distance.  The island is about 10 miles from Secret Cove.  The best place to snorkel is to the right as you face the ocean.  Green sea turtles can often be found along the coral reef system to the right, and some of the best snorkeling is out about 100 feet from the shoreline.

Suggestion: Plan to spend the morning hours at Secret Cove, and the late morning or early afternoon at Big Beach.  It’s a short drive back to the parking lots for Big Beach, and the beach is a good location to boogie-board and body surf.  If a wedding takes place at Secret Cove, please be respectful of the bride and groom and their special day on Maui.