Maui Tow-in Surfing at Jaws

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I received a late evening call January 16, 2010  saying that the famous surf spot, Peahi known as “JAWS”  would be breaking in the morning. “Jaws” has been significant in recent years with the development and popularization of tow in surfing.  While many other big wave surf breaks around the world have seen an increase in tow surfing, “Jaws” has been at the forefront of the tow surfing revolution. Several documentary surf films, such as Stacey Peralta’s Riding Giants and Dana Brown’s Step into Liquid have exposed the quality of the wave to the world and immense crowding has plagued the break on the biggest days of surf. This has led to several dangerous and potentially life threatening incidents. So far nobody has drowned at “Jaws”, however several prominent surfers have been lobbying to regulate or even limit tow surfing at the break for safety reasons.

Below are a few images from the other day taken by: Nicole Sanchez of Behind The Lens Maui who is always available to shoot you surfing these monsters and or any other type of extreme sport while your on Maui. To view more images check out? where Nicole’s photography ranges from Weddings to sports.

These images are copyrighted and using them is against the law without permission from  Behind The Lens Maui.

copyright: Behind The Lens Maui