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What to Wear for Maternity Portraits

Maternity portraits are one way for women to celebrate their pregnancies and to have a keepsake of their experiences. Portraits of the mothers-to-be can range anywhere from the traditional look to a more artistic one. These photos will also allow the future moms to wear more sophisticated styles of clothing that would highlight the pregnant belly or nothing at all.

Regardless of what they wear, these maternity photos will give the pregnant woman an opportunity to build their self-confidence at a time of their life they may not feel so special. If you are planning on taking maternity shots, consider five important guidelines to achieve the best results:

v Types Of Clothing

v Warnings About Clothing Colors

v Considerations Of Personal Style

v Function Of The Photo Shoot

v Time Frame Of Pregnancy And Due Date


Types Of Clothing When shooting maternity shots, the clothing should be tightfitting around the belly. Loose and baggy clothing will only hide the pregnant stomach. Stretch and regular pants that have the lower waistlines usually don’t bunch up while the woman is posing or sitting. Also, tight-fitting tops that are thin in fabrics cling to the body are also good choices for maternity shots.

Pregnant women that want to their other children include in the shoots, may consider a style of clothing that is more playful. White tanks highlight the pregnant stomach and usually have thin fabric material. Khaki pants that are casual fitting are a good choice of wardrobes for these types of photo shoots.

Another thing to consider in selecting the proper clothing is whether or not you are having your shots taken in black and white or in color. If shooting in color, consider both vibrant and certain pastel colors. In addition, if you are having shots done in both forms, bring additional clothing to match the occasion.

Warnings About Clothing Colors – Keep your selections for maternity portraits easy and not complex. Busy patterns and stripes can take attention away or hide the stomach. Therefore, it is recommended to stick with solid colors. As a general rule of thumb, black and white clothing usually works the best. Also, something as easy as a husband’s button down shirt works well, according to “Maternity Photo Shoot Ideas” by Maleesha Perera. Lingerie that is black and white tends to be used for a more artistic flair.

Considerations Of Personal Style When it comes time to consider the types of clothing for your maternity shoots, be sure to incorporate her sense of style, type of comfort and the types of maternity shots she wants. Nude photos usually tend to be more of an artistic photographic representation with the focus on the pregnant belly. More conservative photos generally tend to include the pregnant woman from the belly up or full body shots. For these, the woman shows off her stomach sans the clothing.

Function Of The Photo Shoot – The function of a maternity shoot is designed to capture the beauty and the essence of your pregnancy. In addition, women have the choice of also wearing tops that show off their stomachs. Crop and half tops, as well as belly shirts work as well. According to New York photographer Koren Reyes, pregnant women should avoid bright colors such as your pinks and your yellows. Therefore, Reyes suggests that the soontobe moms black yoga pants, jeans or cardigans that button down in the front. V-neck shirts, square neck tops and long-sleeved tops can also be the most flattering for the pregnant woman’s figure.

One other thing to consider is the inclusion of the mother’s mate and what role they play in the photographs, especially if the pregnant mother is shooting her shots while in the nude. Quite often, this form of shots brings an incredible intimacy to your session and in the final results. It brings a sense of family to life.

Time Frame Of Pregnancy And Due Date Another thing a pregnant woman should take into consideration for her maternity photo shoots, is how far into her pregnancy she is. If she does do the photo shoot later in the pregnancy, she will be able to better show off her stomach and do so in the clothing that she wants to wear and is the most comfortable fitting. The third trimester generally tends to be the better time to schedule the maternity photo session. The stomach is extremely visible, and the photographer can capture that fullness that the pregnant stomach can offer.