Wedding Day Planner

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Wedding Day Planner

From the day you were a little girl, you have always dreamt of your wedding day. Well the time has finally come and everything you have imagined must now be planned out. There are many things to consider, but some of the most important is how you will look. Afterall, it is your red carpet moment that will also be captured on film forever.

To start, you will need to decide if you are going to go with a traditional style or be daring and be creative. Also, is this your first wedding, a second wedding, a public wedding to validate the private service you recently had or maybe it’s a renewal of vows. Depending on the type of ceremony, you can then decide on your hair style, your color theme, accessories and other aspects.

Color Schemes

With many of the traditional weddings being in white, more and more modern day weddings are turning away from white and going other versions of color. Thanks to many of today’s designers, color and tradition have been set aside for a new level of creativity. From the traditional pure white, to the off white or ivory, to pastel colors such as shades of pink, blue, purple or yellow, the trend doesn’t seem to stop there.

In addition to the main colors as focal points, colors are being added to gowns. Designers have begun to incorporate sparkling colors such as silver or gold to the dress to accent the dress and give highlight to a particular area of the dress or to compliment an accessory that the bride may be wearing. Remember, before you go to creative with colors and accents, be sure to discuss these with your photographer and videographer to determine how these color schemes will appear on camera. The worst thing you can do is to be all dolled up, but that doesn’t transpose well on film, thus giving you a look you did not want to capture forever.

Hair Styles

One of the decisions you will have to decide on is whether or not your hair style will be done separately from your wedding party, will you all match or will you all be going with a wedding theme, where the hair design will be based upon.

In the event you and your party are going with a similar hair theme, you will need to consider those in your wedding party. Is their current hair length going to allow for a design that will work or not, or will you have to be a bit creative. You may have to consider a short haired bridesmaid in a long haired theme the possibility of hair extensions. Another issue to consider is whether a bridesmaid is coming from out of town and will she get there in time to have her done properly to match the rest of the wedding party.

As you and your party are planning out the hair style, you need to take into consideration other aspects. The dresses, the veil, the different types of accessories all may play a part in your hair styles. For those obsessed with their hair, you may want to go with a hair design before picking out a dress or accessories. You will also want to consider the type of dress you have chosen. What kind of neckline does it have or how far down the back is your back exposed.

In general, the more the gown flows, the recommendation is to go with a longer hair design and for the high collared dress, and you may want to consider a hair design that is up. Are you still not sure? Going with a traditional style is always a good fall back plan. For example, your hair is pinned up, with some tight curls trickling around the neck line, giving you a very glamorous look regardless if your wedding is formal or informal.

No matter your hair style, there is always something that can be done to give you that right look. In most cases it’s the accessories. You can add accessories such as pins, barrettes, a chignon, wraps, lace, ribbon or other fabrics to really bring out the best in your hair design, your dress and your face. There are so many things you can add to give your hair that extra flare on your special day.

So as you can see, planning a wedding properly is usually done in a year in advance. You will also experience, if you are not prepared, that the big things are the easiest to plan for, such as the ceremony and the reception. However, it’s the little things that are the most tedious, such as your clothing, hair style and accessories for you and your wedding party. Plan ahead and have fun with it all and have a great wedding.