Wedding Themes That Can Add Excitement To Your Wedding

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Wedding Themes That Can Add

Excitement To Your Wedding

Wedding themes are becoming more and more popular than the traditional or Las Vegas style weddings. After all, it is a special day and that you want to remember and cherish it forever. Therefore, you may want to try and shake it up a bit creating something completely different. A wedding theme may just be that certain something that you and your guests will never forget. There are many types that you can choose from and be really creative with. Here are just a few ideas that may help you along.

Hawaiian Theme

One of the more common and beautiful themes are weddings that take place in Hawaii. Hawaii has so much to offer with its beautiful landscapes, clean air and if you have your wedding at certain times or locations, the colors and views with the sunset or the blue of the ocean can really create a beautiful setting and photos.

You are now thinking that sounds wonderful, but with your budget, you just can not afford to do this in Hawaii, not to mention asking your guests to join you. Well one of the great things about a Hawaiian theme, is you can stay local and not spend the money to actually go to Hawaii.

You can dress and decorate for a Hawaiian theme. There are several stores that specialize in Hawaiian clothing and decorations. You can also get some really great Hawaiian theme music to go along with your basic wedding and more traditional dance songs. Have your Hawaiian theme wedding at the beach, on a boat, at a park, at home or wherever you desire. If you create the atmosphere, you will still achieve the feeling you are in Hawaii at a fraction of the cost. Besides, your guests will love to dress in casual Hawaiian attire versus dressing up and without the cost of actually going to Hawaii.

Musical Theme

One of the more popular parts of the wedding or reception is the music. What music did the couple select for the ceremony or who can I dance with during the slow songs or what songs are they going to play to get everyone on the dance floor and really shake it up.

Music is an international language that everyone can enjoy. You may want to go with a particular era of song, such as a 1950’s sock hop, 1970’s disco or even a Disneyland music theme, after all it is your wedding and you are the princess of this fairy tale. Be sure to have your wedding party and guests dress the part of whatever you choose to create that special atmosphere.

Movie/Television Theme

Much like the musical theme, a theme based on certain eras of movies or television can also be a lot of fun. You can go to an era when all films were in black and white. Therefore you can request your wedding photographer shoot almost everything in black and white as well. You can go with a favorite show or movie such as the Grease, where the bride and groom dress as Sandy and Danny, with the wedding party dressing as the Pink Ladies and T-Birds. You can really mix it up and go outside the box with the movie, Tootsie, where the men dress as women and the women dress as men.

Another possibility is a theme based on many reality television shows, where you can create a game with it and start voting people off the tables. Of course you can always go big with an Oscar or Emmy type of theme, where everyone is in black tie and gowns. The reception can include humorous awards as gifts for some of the family and guests, a red carpet and not to mention a tiara for the bride, as she wins for most beautiful.

These are just a few examples, but there are many more to choose from, such as theme parks, sports, childhood memories or come as you are. Whatever you decide, be creative as you want and have as much fun planning it as you and your guests will enjoy taking part of it and create an event that truly will last forever.