Hawaiian Weddings; Things To Know

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Hawaiian Weddings; Things To Know

Is there anything more romantic than a wedding in Hawaii? Hard to come up with one isn’t it? Therefore, since you are about to experience one of the greatest days of your life, allow me to give you some important insight and what you can expect from Hawaii as you plan to kick off your new life.

Best Times To Go

Is there really a bad time to go? Not really, but like anywhere else, there are times that are better than others. Obvious times of the year are during the summer when you have slightly warmer temperatures. However, in Hawaii temperatures usually average in the 70’s and 80’s throughout the year.

A more important weather notation is Hawaii’s rainfall. Hawaii is one of the largest rain forests in the world and it rains often. However, due to the flow of Hawaii’s trade winds, the rain generally hits most often on the northeastern parts of each island and in the mountains. Therefore, if you plan your Hawaiian wedding on a southwestern part of an island, you have a much more likely chance of nice and clear weather.

Wedding Styles

If you are not familiar with Hawaii, I suggest a Hawaiian coordinator. They can bring to you a selection of Hawaiian traditions, customs, cultures and sense of Hawaiian tranquility and relaxation.

In deciding a style for your Hawaiian wedding, there are many options you can choose from. You can go with traditional indoor weddings at one of many locations or maybe you prefer an outdoors wedding in a garden area or on the beach.

You can also make your wedding as simple as you want or more complex; you are in Hawaii after all. Maybe you want to include waterfalls, horses, the ocean, volcanoes or even take a helicopter to some remote location. The options are endless with a Hawaiian wedding.

Your Honeymoon

Hawaii is one of the top destinations for any honeymooners, whether you are married on the islands or not. Plan ahead and list everything you want to do and see while you are here. Some of the items may be on different islands, so do your homework and be prepared.

First there is lodging. Hawaii has some of the most beautiful resorts around or you can go more local and rent a condo or villa. Although most areas are short drives, consider your activities and restaurants when deciding where to stay. No matter where you stay or what you do, you are here for two reasons: Hawaiian Paradise and Each Other.

Which Island Should You Go To

After listing all your events, be sure to check them against what each island has to offer. Many of the islands offer many of the same things, but some do not. If you don’t mind traveling from island to island, then you’re set. However, if you are budgeted for less travel, then research the islands and see what they have to offer before making your choice.

After all, if you are set on lying out on Waikiki Beach and visiting Pearl Harbor, but plan on staying in Maui, you will realize these are different islands. So do you stay in Maui? Change to Oahu? Or simply do both? Once again, plan ahead and don’t wait until you get here, you may be disappointed.

To help with this, here is a quick rundown on the Hawaiian Islands as you prepare for your Hawaiian wedding or honeymoon.

On Molokai, you will find this island to be one of the more natural states as it is the least affected by big business. If you are more into cultural experiences, this may be the island for you.

Maui is often considered to be the most romantic of the islands. There are many things to do, even if it’s simply doing nothing. Anything from ocean walks and boating experiences, to up country farming. From waterfalls and tropical paradises, to a night on the town. Maui offers a variety of different things to do and see.

The biggest island is called, Hawaii. Much like Molokai, the “big island” offers more of a cultural setting. The weather here is like no other. The world has 13 climatic zones and this one island can experience 11 of them alone. From sun, to rain, to even snow topped mountains. Hawaii also offers some of the best lava flows around.

Kauai is your garden island. This is the island of beautiful tropical appearances that has been the stereotype in the movies or television. If you are an outdoors kind of person or prefer a slower pace, Kauai is for you.

The island of Oahu generally has the most action. This island is home to Honolulu, the state capital, as well as Pearl Harbor, Waikiki Beach, Diamond Head and much more. If your preference is for a faster pace and action, Oahu should be your choice.

As you can see, there is so much to offer for a Hawaiian wedding. Plan ahead and make the most of it. You will never forget Hawaii.