Wedding Planning; Countdown To Your Wedding Day

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Wedding Planning; Countdown To Your Wedding Day

The most anticipated day of your life may just be your wedding day. A day you expect to be filled with joy and happiness. Unfortunately, the events leading up to your big day can be some of the most stressful days and events in your life. This is usually the case when you are not prepared as you would like to be.

The problem most people face is assuming that everything will go off without hitch or that everyone is available at your beckon call. Only to find out, this is not the case. Whether you are planning a wedding in Hawaii or anywhere else, follow some key guidelines to planning your day to assist you.

Six – Twelve Months Out:

Other than announcing your engagement, this is the time to outline your plans. A lot of the bigger decisions need to be made during this time before planning out their details. Issues to consider during this time period include:

  • Type of wedding (in/out doors, formal/informal, theme/traditional, etc).
  • Select dates of the wedding, pre-wedding parties, travel, etc.
  • Select locations of each event and budgets.
  • Decide on a wedding coordinator, wedding party participants, officiate, guest list, photographer/videographer, band/DJ, transportation, florists and caterers.
  • Shop for: dress, accessories, attendant’s gowns, men’s attire, rings, bridal registry, the cake.
  • Meet your hairdresser to discuss style.
  • Decide and plan honeymoon (plan ahead if the bride is traveling under married name, then all documents need to match).
  • Begin to finalize all bookings.

Three – Six Months Out:

Now that you have all the big issues planned out, it’s time to start detailing those plans. Issues to consider during this time period include:

  • Begin to make purchases, such as marriage licenses, ceremony programs, gifts for wedding party, vaccinations and passports (if needed).
  • Send out invitations (give out-of-towners time to plan their travel, including you if are getting married elsewhere).
  • Begin confirmations with all your bookings.
  • Plan out wedding day details (if you don’t have a coordinator), such as: music/hymns, readings, vows, who will do what and the order of the ceremony.

One – Three Months Out:

You are now at the finalization process so that you can relay information to parties that require it. Issues to consider during this time period include:

  • Final fittings and schedule pick-up dates.
  • Finish confirmations with all vendors.
  • Plan wedding rehearsal dinner.
  • Follow up with guests that have not RSVP’d so that you can get that final count to caterer.

Less Than One Month Out:

At this point you will feel the end is never going to get here. Relax and go over your outline to verify nothing is forgotten. Then recap and confirm all issues still needed verification and/or needs to be settled. Issues to consider during this time period include:

  • If you are changing your last name, be sure to get all documents changed over, such as driver’s license, social security, wills, insurance, beneficiary, etc.
  • Gather all documents needed for travel and plan for your packing in the event you are traveling for the wedding or the honeymoon.

Final Week:

Well you are in the final week and you will either feel unready or you will be completely at ease. It all depends on how prepared you were throughout the entire process. It also helps to know what will happen, will happen. Issues to consider during this time period include:

  • Make a final check with all vendors, including your honeymoon.
  • Pack for your trip if needed (be sure to take care of your wedding rings).
  • Verify that your wedding party is ready to go and that anyone that has a role to play in the ceremony and reception is prepared from ushers to toasters.
  • Final fittings and pick ups of all attire for both parties.
  • Get your manicure and pedicure.
  • Attend the ceremony rehearsal and dinner.
  • Greet out-of-town guests.

The Big Day:

You made it! Congratulations. Issues to consider during this time period include:

  • Get your hair and make-up done.
  • Allow three hours to get dressed, travel to ceremony and relax.

Something To Consider On Your Big Day:

Not sure what time to do the things you need to do on your wedding day? Below is a guideline (based on a 2pm wedding). Alter your times based on the time of your wedding. Your timetable should run like this:

08:00 – Take a relaxing shower/bath.

08:30 – Have a light breakfast.

09:00 – Polish your nails.

09:30 – Have your hair styled.

11:00 – Bridesmaids, pageboys and best man arrive (collects cards and luggage, if needed).

12:00 – Have your makeover.

12:30 – Bride and bridesmaids get dressed.

13:00 – Photographer arrives. Takes pre-arranged photos.

13:30 – First wedding car will take mother and bridesmaids to the church.

13:45 – Second wedding car will take the bride and her father to the church.

14:00 – Ceremony begins.

Remember to enjoy your moment and have fun. You deserve it!