What are the four words that she will remember? Will you marry me?”

Those four little words may well be the most important question you’ll ever ask. The rest of your life will depend on the answer to that question. I

This question and the way it is asked is a BIG DEAL TO HER and the way it’s asked even bigger. You don’t want to just pull out the ring box while you’re watching TV and say, “Oh, yeah, I thought you might like to, uh, y’know…would you?” Make it a moment you’ll both remember forever!

SHE will remember it; every tiny detail of it-the weather, what she was wearing, what you were wearing, the time, the place, everything. She’ll remember whom she told first and what they said, how her parents reacted, and how your parents reacted-everything! So take the time and make the effort to plan it so the details come out right.  The diamond is just one part of the Perfect Proposal. It takes thought, planning, loving attention to detail. The more romantic the better. If your not the romantic type you can do some research on-line and learn ways to pop the question. Along with asking  the question is the prepreation for your big day. It’s best to plan out every detail so  everything runs smoothly.

One of the most overlooked things is arranging for the photographer and planning out your engagement shoot. This should be done weeks out prior to your wedding date so  you have time to take advantage of your photos. Your engagement photos can be used for a variety of things to dress up your wedding. One of the things you can do is use your photos for the invitations.  For more ideas on how to use your engagement photos call Nicole at Behind The Lens Maui.

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