Maui photographer visits Hana

NicoleMaui Photography

It was supposed to be a 3 night 4 day camping trip to Hana with my beautiful 1o year old daughter but we ended it a day short because it rained and the water falls were closed.  Bummer..

It was a easy drive going the back way to Hana. My daughter watched a movie on her new movie player as I drove the winding bumpy roads.  Almost to Hana we started to see numerous cows and wild goats on the sides of the roads. As the road turned into two way traffic on a one lane road, I zig zagged through the cars successfully.  On the last big turn, I saw this Hummer approaching with only room for one car to pass by. Both cars stopped but,  the driver of the Hummer waved for me to proceed. As we passed, we glanced into the hummer and there was “Dog The Bounty Hunter”. He blew us a kiss as we passed by. My daughter and I both looked at each other and said, “that was Dog”.  We laughed and laughed for several minutes.

As a Maui Photographer, I usually drive with a camera in my car but, no….. this time I didn’t bring my camera.

Go figure.