Beach Wedding And Things To Consider

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Beach Wedding And Things To Consider


A beach wedding is a great way to tie the knot. Whether you want it casual, romantic orpersonal, beach weddings can be a perfect fit for any couple. A beach wedding can be a one-day event just between the two of you, and a couple of close friends, or have a hugebeach party and make a weekend of it. Either one you choose, you will remember it for the rest or your life. Therefore, here are some things to keep in mind when throwing your perfect beach wedding.

To start, look into whether or not the beach of your choice requires a permit. Some beach locations do not require one, but some do and the last thing you want have happen inthe middle of the ceremony is to be escorted off the premises by security. Another thing to prepare yourself for is the weather as you never know with mother nature what canhappen. If you plan to have your reception somewhere off the beach, also plan to haveyour wedding there as a backup plan in the event the weather goes bad.

You might also want to plan your ideal beach wedding during slower times of the yearso you don’t have a bunch of party crashers or teenagers yelling “don’t do it!” You can’t always control who is going to be there at such a public location, but you can hiresercurity to ask people to keep their distance or ask a brave friend or two to help out to keep unwanted guests away from your wedding.

For you outdoor beach wedding there are lots of things that can affect your wedding pictures, videos and sound. So it would be a good idea to have your wedding professionals visit your wedding site ahead of time, so that they can get a feel for thelocation. They can also prepare in advance for the best angles, position or maybe certain landmarks, such as a set of beautiful rocks with waves crashing against them, whichwould make for beautiful and unique wedding photos.
In addition, consider the sound that you want your guests to be able to hear as beachceremonies can be quite noisy from the winds, waves and other guests.


When planning your beach wedding, one thing that gets overlooked is to apply sunscreenon yourself, after all no one wants to spend their honeymoon sunburned. You may alsowarn your guests to do the same. Having a supply of lotion and cheap sunglasses is a nicetouch for guests.
In addition, having a fan there is a good idea especially if it is a hot day. An idea wouldbe to print out the order of the ceremony on the fans and have them waiting on the guest’sseats. Another idea would be to tie a ribbon on all of the above and make a little beachbasket with other essentials such as an umbrella to block the sun and maybe some bug
spray can all be put together for a beach wedding survival kit as a cute way to keep yourguests comfortable.
Always have a lot of water on hand as well for you and your guests as it is easy to getdehydrated in the sun and especially on such a stressful day. Avoid the bride or groomfainting is probably a good idea. Another thing to consider is the wind factor, as we allknow it is not fun having sand blown in your face. Find out how windy it gets at yourvenue as you may need to make some adjustments for your actual wedding day.
Depending on how the wind blows, you may want to consider having a tent on hand.Not only will this help control some wind, but also from the rays of the sun. In addition,have plenty of methods of tying, or weighing, down many of your items. The last thingyou want happen during your ceremony is to have the wind blow away your tent or othergoods.
There are also many decorating ideas when it comes to the beach. Take in considerationdoing a themed wedding, such as:
– Nautical: very simple and sleek.
– Hawaiian: very romantic.
– Beach Party: Informal, cheap and pretty stress free.
All are great ideas, but the beach alone is a beautiful decoration. So whether you wanta beach party atmosphere with a bonfire reception, or a fantasy beach wedding withfireworks and tons of flowers, either way it’s your wedding, so make it fit for you .