The International Festival of Photographic Art

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Cluj-Napoca, April 28, 2011 /Photography News/  Photography News is proud to announce its partnership withCamera Obscura Online Photo MagazinePhoto Sharp and ErKE Transylvanian Lightpainters Association for the 2011 International Festival of Photographic Art – Foto Fest Romania (FIAF).

The International Festival of Photographic Art is the largest photography event in Cluj-Napoca and the first and only international festival of photographic art in Romania.

Starting May 27, 2011, FIAF participants will embark on a series of festival projects ranging from workshops, diverse exhibitions, professional panel discussions and photo contests, to photography book launch events, photo fairs and portfolio reviews.

In celebration of FIAF’s 1st year, Casa Tora, the Youth Tourism Association ADEONA and Quantuum Romania are sponsoring five photography contests that will enable Romanian photographers to make a creative impact on the 2011 event. Participants will be able to submit their photographs to one or more of the following contests: I Love Cluj, The Way We Are, Studentship in Colors, Tourist in Romania, and Portrait. Winning selections will be featured at the Festival.

The inaugural event will run May 27 – June 3, 2011, spread throughout several venues located in downtown Cluj-Napoca.