Wedding Ideas That Include A Holiday Wedding Theme

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Wedding Ideas That Include A Holiday Wedding Theme

Looking for wedding ideas that will make your wedding stand out? How about a wedding theme that involves the holidays? Some families might consider it an inconvenience, while others might consider it a blessing having all the family together to celebrate two occassions. If you’re concerned, get your family’s feedback. However,  it’s your wedding and if you’ve dreamed of having a Christmas or Valentines wedding, then go for it. Here are just a few wedding ideas and holidays to consider.

Christmas Weddings
One of the great things about a Christmas time wedding is that most churches have their holiday decorations up, therefore adding to the atmosphere a special warmth to it. In addition, by having it in a pre-decorated church, you’ll save money from buying decorations. However, if you know a year in advance that you want a Christmas wedding, and don’t want to rely on the church decorating in time, you could buy all the decorations for half off or more at day after Christmas sales.

You could also consider a holiday color theme, such as white and blue, traditional red and green, blue and silver, or simply silver and gold. If you have dreamed of a white Christmas wedding, you could rent a snow machine and have snow at your wedding or go the less expensive route with fake snow. With the joys of a Christmas wedding also come some cons. Take your guests in consideration and plan everything in advance for them more than for yourselves. Therefore,  consider their costs of traveling during that season, as well as places to stay. There is also a lot going on during Christmas, so schedule your events, such as rehearsal dinners and the different parties in advance so that your party becomes priority.

New Years Weddings
If you like the idea of a wedding during the holiday season, then why not have it on NewYear’s Eve? It’s already a party atmosphere, so why not celebrate together with your family and closest friends and ring in the new year with an awesome wedding party. You can also save on decorations if you want to go with the New Year’s theme. You can do champagne or sparkling apple cider bottles or glasses with your wedding date on them.  Another idea would be in lieu of rice being tossed at you as you leave the church, or for your honeymoon, your guests can send you off with those champagne glass poppers.  A great way to entertain your guests, as well as bring in the New Year with style, would be to have fireworks or use sparklers.

Halloween Weddings
If you’re a little daring, or Halloween just happens to be your favorite holiday, consider having
a Halloween wedding and turn it into a ghoulish affair. You could include a haunted mansion atmosphere to your wedding, or reception that may include the now popular mazes. Another idea would be to have your guests dress up in costume, either one of their choice or one that matches some sort of theme. Another route to take is keep your wedding traditional, but throw your reception as a huge Halloween bash with an array of candy and other Halloween games. As to the extent of your Halloween wedding, consider the invited children when planning how scaryor risque you want to make it or scale it down and allow them to be part.

Valentines Weddings
Then there’s the most romantic day of the year, Valentines Day. With romance in the air, why not get married on Valentines Day? After all it is the day of love and commitment. According to many researchers, how Valentines Day came about is a little bittersweet. It’s the celebration of St. Valentine giving his life so soldiers could get married. Now that’s commitment. The decoration ideas are endless as you could do the traditional red and pink with hearts everywhereor you could go the more dramatic route with deep red roses and candle lights.

Some people might find it a little corny to have your wedding on Valentines Day, but it’s most popular day of the year to get married on. Besides it being sweet, the future groom won’t for get the wedding date. Games at the reception are endless as you can do spin offs romantic gameshows such as Love Connection, the Newlywed Game or for the singles in the crowd, the Dating Game. The only con to a Valentines Day wedding would be if it fell on a weekday, so take that in consideration. Nothing wrong with having the reception on the weekend.