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These feet run around Maui daily. If you live on Maui, you’ve more than likely seen these feet running past you on one of the highways during one of her daily 26 mile runs.


I’ve  first noticed her running several months back and recall thinking that it was cool that she was in such great shape.  It saw this woman running just about every time I was out driving around Maui. It didn’t matter if I was in Kahalui, Paia or Wailuku, she was everywhere.   I started to wonder what her story was and thought perhaps one day I’d like to pull over and talk to her.  Just so happens I took my mom to lunch at Koho’s recently and BAM…  there was the running girl just relaxing with a friend.  I had told my mom the story over lunch and she said, I should go talk to her.  I ended up excusing myself for a phone call and came back to the table and of course my mom was talking to the running lady and one thing led to the next and we set up a date to take photos.

This lady is amazing and I have a feeling you’ll be reading about this beautiful lady in the near future. Her story is so inspiring and I when I get the okay,  I’ll share a bit more.

In the meantime, be on the look out for these feet…