Wedding Ideas For Your Train Wedding Theme


Wedding Ideas For Your Train Wedding Theme


Looking for wedding ideas that will make your big day unique from other weddings? You may want to consider having your nuptials take place on a train. Many companies offer wedding and reception train packages that brings your wedding theme to a whole new level.

Using a train for your wedding theme can bring a sense of history, whether it’s the rustic old west or the upscale of our country’s past, and even more modern day twists, a traincan offer a uniqueness to your wedding that few would expect, but many would enjoy.If choosing a train for your wedding or reception, be sure to select one that you know you will remember forever. Here are just a couple of examples of train packages that are available, but there are many more.

Sugar Cane Train – Maui
Maui’s Sugar Cane Train transports your wedding guests through the whaling town of Lahaina and into the beautiful resort area of Kaanapali. If you plan your wedding in late winter or very early spring, you may be able to witness humpback whales breeching inthe background of your wedding. The train began running in 1969 and is an open-aircoach that will seat up to 200 passengers. The views are amazing and your guests will truly enjoy a beautiful wedding or reception with this unique and beautiful locomotive.

You’ll be having a destination wedding, unless you already live in Hawaii. Therefore you will need to inform your guests in advance so that they can save the date and plan for it financially. The great thing about having a destination wedding is that you do not have to travel on your honeymoon because you will already be there. So all you will have to do is take a car to whichever resort you choose and enjoy each other without having to worryabout missing a flight.

Napa Valley Wine Train – California
This is an antique train that runs a 25-mile track through the heart of Napa Valley. The train has three kitchens, the Silverado, the Gourmet Express and the Vista Dome. The Silverado, is an open-air rail car and has a more relaxed western theme atmosphere. If your reception is set to be more of a relaxed atmosphere, this kitchen serves the barbeque side of Napa Valley.

The Gourmet Express is very luxurious and is a more traditional railroad dining experience, with half the ride in a white linen service area, while the other half is set inthe comfort of the lounge car. The Vista Dome offers great romantic moonlight dinners under the glass dome. The setting is designed to be more intimate and special for asmaller wedding.
They also have a special Fourth of July fireworks show where you get both the dinner and the show. Not only will your wedding be unique and special riding on a train, but since it’s in Napa Valley, you and your guests will be able to learn a great deal about different wines and how to pair them with different foods. Their staff is knowledgeable and their only job is to make sure that your event goes off without a hitch, ensuring it to be the most memorable and enjoyable time for you and your guests.

Skunk Train – California
The Skunk Train has historic equipment that can be transformed for your event. They have a full service bar and can accommodate groups of up to 350 people (however,their wedding packages only go up to 75 people). They also own the property along the immediate route so you can have your wedding outdoors and the reception on the train.
The train has traveled the same scenic “Redwood Route” since 1885. Therefore, if you’relooking for a different kind of atmosphere, getting married amongst the giant redwoods of California can make for an amazing background scenery.

The train itself does havea unique name, one they are not exactly sure where it originated from. Some believe it came from a quote by a passenger that thought the train’s fumes smelt like a skunk.
Besides the Skunk Train, there are two other trains that are offered. One is the Sierra Railroad Dinner Train. This train began in the 1897 connecting the central valley to the gold country. This train offers a lot of entertainment, including  a western show. The third train is the Sacramento River Train. This train offers an open-air car and has great entertainment, including an old fashion train robbery. Not only would this be unique, but to enhance that experience consider having your guests, as well as the bridal party, dressed in old western attire. A real throw back to the old days.