Wedding Ideas That Can Make Your Wedding Unique

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Wedding Ideas That Can Make Your Wedding Unique

Looking for wedding ideas that can make your wedding unique from the traditional ceremony? Since your wedding is a special once in a lifetime event, consider things thatare different that will bring your own special touches to it.

Here are just some uniqueideas to help get your creative juices flowing.
At the reception, instead of people ringing bells or clicking their glasses with utensils toget the new couple to kiss, have your guests stand up and share a touching memory of when you met your spouse or any other special memory. If they don’t have one or don’t remember, they could share a special memory that they shared with you themselves. Instead of just kissing, everyone will be reminded of how and why you two got marriedin the first place. In addition, you will have these special moments to reminisce about later in your marriage as a reminder of why you fell in love.

Here’s a wonderful and creative idea for guests signing in. Instead of having a traditional guest book to sign, have engagement pictures taken, or just a special picture of you and your spouse. Then enlarge it with a thick border around it and have all your guests signaround the border and leave little messages. This is something that you can frame anddisplay in your home. Reading the little messages is always fun and something that will remind you of that special day.

During the wedding when the bride walks down the aisle, instead of playing the traditional bridal waltz, pick a special song that you and your spouse hold dear to your hearts or maybe surprise everyone with a pop or rock song. Choreograph a dance routine with your bridesmaids and groomsmen and just have fun with it. How fun would that be to go back and watch the video and see all your guests reactions after expecting thetraditional music and instead you walk down to a more current or hip song.

A great idea for a unique reception would be to have a photo booth on sight, where people can take their pictures together. You could also have someone use an instant camera and when the wedding is over you can sign and date the pictures. Then mail them with the thank you cards, which is a great way to give back to your guests. After all most people never receive pictures from the wedding. This is a way of making them feel like they are getting a gift.

During the reception, you can bring out yours and your spouse’s inner child. Nothing brings that out like having a candy bar filled with all of the candies that you and yourhusband grew up with. You can also have Chinese takeout boxes made with your picture and wedding date printed out on it, as it’s an awesome favor that will be used and enjoyed. You could also have lotto tickets that only cost a dollar and include a cute little saying such as, “We were so lucky to have all our friends and families join us on our special day.” You may want to have fun and remind them if they win, you get half. No, not really. It’s a cute and budget friendly idea to bring a unique and special touch to your wedding.

Another idea is that instead of sending out the usual wedding announcements, create a unique movie of the story of how you met. This can be made with a slide show of pictures or maybe a spoof of a bunch of romantic comedies, but at the end of it, add your wedding date and mail (or e-mail) it to all your guests. If you want to go big, you could rent out an entire theater and have them play it for your guests and see their reactions to it.

For your wedding, if your very gutsy and looking for something really out there, why not do a themed wedding? If you are into The Wizard of Oz, Disney characters, super heroes, Hawaiian or a certain video game that both of you are obsessed with, you can dress uplike them and have all your guests join in. There are many other theme ideas out there, so not only will it be truly memorable, but it will speak to the fun side of you both. You could always opt for a more traditional ceremony and have your reception themed, but whatever you choose to do, follow your heart and have fun with it.