Maui Wedding Photographer Reviews

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Having the responsibility of capturing one of the most important day of someones life such as their wedding day can really be a nail biting experiance.

When I complete the editing process and upload a clients images to the their viewing gallery,  I always send a thank you to the client and alert them that their wedding photos are ready for them for them to view. I also request that the client send me a confirmation to let me know they were able to get into their gallery without incident.  I have to admit that there’s nothing better to receive a replay message back from a client such as the one below:

You are awesome. Hands down one of the best parts of our day. You are so kind you made Katie and I feel so supported and the photos were amazing! Thank you so much for being a part of our special day, being so great to work with and for being so dang good at your job! I hope our paths cross again some time. If you ever come to Nashville please look Katie and I up. You are always welcome at our house! Also thank you for being so amazing for my sister too! I get to see her pictures this weekend she and Stephen are stopping in Nashville on their way to TX and I am so excited. She said they were beautiful!
Thanks again, sincerely, Sandella