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Sandella ‎ – Jun 21, 2011

Nicole with Behind The Lens Maui is yet another example of the amazing and talented people on the island of Maui. She photographed our commitment ceremony this year and I was beyond amazed. She was accepting, caring, professional and an absolute joy to be around and work with. Her photography skills are on par with those I have used at some of the top design agencies in the nation, only difference was, Nicole was much more pleasant to work with! She combines the easy going up for anything, Hawaiian nature with a seriousness for her craft to create and capture the memories of our ceremony that will last a lifetime! She blended in perfectly, and my guests,as well as my partner, commented on several occasions that she was not a distraction as photographers can often be during weddings. She did whatever she had to, to get amazing sunset shots. She laid on the beach in the sand to capture what my partner and I think is the best and most representative shot of us on our special day. With her can do attitude, easy to work with demeanour, and unbelievable skills Nicole was the perfect ambassador for Maui. I plan to use Nicole again in the future, for vacation photo sessions. I would highly recommend her to anyone for any occasion; weddings, commitment ceremonies, family beach sessions- she will never disappoint with her quality, professionalism, acceptance, kindness, and amazing eye for THE shot. I had never met Nicole before coming to Maui for our commitment ceremony. While normally I would have been totally type A about never having met our photographer prior to the big day, Nicole’s webpage was representative of the quality we would get. Upon meeting her in person, I knew I made the right decision. Once I saw the photos I knew I would use her time and again when we go back and as our family grows. Thank you Nicole, it would not have been the same without you! Show less

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Tara ‎ – Jun 15, 2011

I don’t even know where to begin with my review of “Behind the Lens Maui” and specifically Nicole Sanchez. Not only was she an absolute joy to work with, but her work is amazing. It is very scary to sign up with aphotographer online without meeting them or talking with them. Let me put your mind at ease right now, if you are considering “Behind the Lens Maui” and Nicole…. GO FOR IT! It should be the easiest decision that you make as a bride. She is absolutely perfect. We love every single one of our pictures. Everyone who sees them says, “There isn’t a bad one in the bunch.” And let me just add that “the bunch” includes 376 photos! On the day of our wedding Nicole managed to get every picture we would ever want without being noticed. She does a great job of blending into the background to maintain the mood of your event. She is quick, efficient, and just all around awesome! She even (in a funny and polite way) called me out on my “fake smile” once, which is good because I would have been seriously disappointed if nobody told me and all of my pictures came back with me fake smiling. She is a truly nice person and a delight to be around and work with. By the end of the day, she felt like family. I highly recommend Nicole and “Behind the Lens Maui.” We loved her and I am 100% positive that if you choose her you will love her and your pictures. Show less